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Plum Turtleneck

Okay, so how many guys out there can actually say they've received a hand-me-down from their wife? Well, this lucky girl has! You know how mothers tend to worry about their children catching a cold. Well, my mother-in-law is no different, and she sent my wife this thin turtleneck to layer underneath other tops during the winter. It turns out, though, that this top is just too big for my wife, so she asked me if I could use it. It took me about a half second before I quickly answered yes, and much to my delight, the top not only fit, but it looks great while wearing a bra. In the pictures below, I'm wearing this top with nothing on below but a cute pair of cotton panties; I'm wearing it with a classy short gray skirt; and then I'm wearing it with my ski pants because I often layer this turtleneck under a sweater when I go skiing. I should also mention that those are ladies ski pants, so you can imagine my thrill whenever I go skiing and I'm totally dressed in girl's things starting with support pantyhose underneath to keep my legs feeling great.

crossdresser in pretty cotton panties  cross dresser in a plum turtleneck and gray skirt with black pantyhose and heels  cross dressing a plum turtleneck and womens girls ladies ski pants

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