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Pink sleeveless ruffle top by Ralph Lauren

I purchased this top while shopping crossdressed at Kohl's department store. My intention was to just browse through the store including the lingerie and shoe departments, but when I found this top on a clearance rack for $16, I took it into the dressing room with a pair of khaki shorts to try it on. I immediately fell in love with the top and purchased it. It quickly became my favorite top to wear that summer as evidenced by the many pictures below I've taken while wearing it. A cute top such as this is a crossdresser's dream.

crossdresser in pink ruffles and an Old Navy skirt  crossdresser in pink heels and nude pantyhose  crossdresser in pink ruffles and a denim mini-skirt  crossdresser in pink ruffles and denim capris

crossdresser in pink heels, nude pantyhose, and a silky skirt  crossdresser pic in pink ruffles and a brown mini-skirt  crossdresser in black pantyhose and pink ruffles

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