pink slip showing over my silky pantyhose crossdressing websitewearing a 38C bra
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My Precious Pink Nightie

If I was ever asked the question about what item I wear the most in my cross dressing, the easy answer is my pink nylon nightie made by Miss Elaine. It's fun to dress up like a girl and go out during the day, but one's cross dressing shouldn't end when they go to bed since it's simply divine to sleep in a nylon nightgown while wearing silky pantyhose. I purchased this nightie off of eBay since I couldn't find something similar in the local stores, and I love every silky inch of it. I often shower before bedtime since it's easier to remove my makeup that way, and I can't think of anything better then dressing in a clean bra and panties and then sliding a soft nightie over my head. I have so much fun wearing this nightie that I'll wear it around the house in the evenings with all of the shutters and doors open. I don't know if any of my neighbors have noticed me wearing it, but this pink nightie is pure bliss.

crossdresser wearing a silky pink nightie    cross dresser wearing a nylon pink nightgown    crossdressing a pink nightgown and shiny suntan pantyhose

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