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Men love wearing pantyhose. Here I talk about my pantyhose wearing as a man.
- Pantyhose

This page highlights men in pantyhose and pantyhose for men.

My Pantyhose

a man shows off his collection of pantyhose hanging to dryPantyhose are an integral part of my cross dressing, and even when I'm not fully dressed as a woman, you'll probably find me wearing pantyhose under my men's clothing, especially during the cooler months or when I travel. There are few things in life more pleasurable than pulling on a pair of pantyhose after shaving your legs. Pantyhose are also such a practical article of clothing that it's no surprise so many men wear pantyhose even if they do it secretly.

My favorite brand of pantyhose is Sheer Energy by L'eggs, and I always try to have these three different styles on hand for every color: sheer toe and sheer to waist, reinforced toe with a normal panty, and active support which has a reinforced toe and heavier panty. I sometimes purchase Hanes brand pantyhose online from OneHanesPlace, but the Hanes hosiery doesn't seem nearly as durable as the L'eggs brand. I also purchase pantyhose from various department stores, but from all of the styles I have ever worn, I always go back to the L'eggs brand. If there is a downside to the L'eggs brand, it is that they don't come in a lot of colors, but in terms of support, comfort, and design they are my pantyhose of choice.

a man in a white blouse and shiny suntan pantyhoseI know a lot of men have a pantyhose fetish, and I'm likely one of them, so in those terms, I prefer a nice suntan color, a reinforced toe, and a sheer waist. I also love pantyhose with a higher denier that give off a sheen because this type gives my legs great support, and I think everyone including myself enjoys shiny pantyhose. In the past, I have purchased No-Nonsense pantyhose, but I don't like the matte appearance that they give, and I don't get that massaged feel on my legs when I wear them. And speaking of the massage that pantyhose provide, I will often pull on a pair of L'eggs Active Support after a hard workout because the strong compression gives my legs such a nice feel and relieves the muscle fatigue after exercise. 

I love to wear pantyhose under my jeans at work, and I love the look of pantyhose with denim, especially with no shoes and a reinforced toe. I always remove my shoes at work under my desk and rub my feet together when I wear pantyhose. I also wear pantyhose when I travel, and depending on my mood, I won't wear socks over them when I go through security. Pantyhose are also great to wear beneath a suit, and if I'm wearing a darker shade, I'll often take off my shoes when traveling on a train or bus.

In terms of cross dressing, pantyhose are vital for several reasons. First, they help me control my male plumbing. I have never tried the tucking technique because a good pair of pantyhose will always give me a flat appearance from the front. Pantyhose also create a nice figure from behind and depending on how far you pull up the waistband, you can determine where you want your waistline to appear through your clothes. And finally, pantyhose make anyone's legs look fantastic. It's unfortunate that the styles these days for women call for bare legs in almost every case, but I'm convinced that if a woman wore pantyhose, she would get more looks from men. There's just something about them that attract the gaze.

wearing shimmering pantyhose outdoorsWhen I'm not cross dressing, I most frequently wear pantyhose at night when I go to bed. By nature, my hands and feet are always cold, so when I change into my pajamas at night, I will usually put on pantyhose beneath my pajama bottoms. During the late fall and winter months, I will usually put on socks over my pantyhose to help keep my feet warm in the evening, but I usually remove the socks when I hop into bed. My wife who never wears socks to bed thinks nothing of it if she puts her feet next to mine and feels my nylons. When we get intimate, it's fairly common that I happen to be wearing panties and pantyhose to bed, and my wife helps me remove these just as I help her remove her own undergarments. There's nothing like the thrill of making love to your partner, but an extra bonus to me is waking up in the middle of the night and putting my panties and pantyhose back on after we've made love. One of these days I'll have to purchase some thigh-high pantyhose and see if my wife insists I take them off before we get intimate. I can't think of anything sexier than if both  partners were wearing pantyhose when they made love.

Two final thoughts on my pantyhose wearing and my wife: I get a huge kick when my wife is looking for a pair of pantyhose to wear with her outfit, and she rifles my pantyhose drawerthrough my pantyhose drawer (pictured at left) to look for something she doesn't have. Second, in any marriage there are times when one spouse will get on the nerves of the other. When that happens with me and my wife, I always remind myself that she actually lets me maintain a pantyhose drawer (along with one for my bras and panties), and then things never seem so bad.

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