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Pantyhose Pictures - Suntan Pantyhose and a Pink Slip

I don't know of anything sexier than shiny suntan pantyhose beneath a lacey pink slip. One of the very first items that I cross dressed was a pink half slip that I borrowed from my mother. She also loved to wear L'eggs suntan pantyhose, so I grew up falling in love with that combination. Whenever possible I choose to wear suntan pantyhose with a silky pink slip, so starting off my pictures of pretty pantyhose, I am modeling a pink slip with a beautiful lace hem over shiny suntan pantyhose. To top the look off, and I am wearing pink sling back heels by Laura Ashley.


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Pink Slip and Suntan Pantyhose

White Short-shorts and Suntan Pantyhose

Gray Mini Skirt and Black Pantyhose

My slip is showing

Stocking Feet

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