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The Beauty of Stocking Feet

suntan pantyhose with a pink lace slipLast Saturday I spent the morning working out in the yard as I usually do, and then by lunch time I was finished and able to relax for part of the afternoon. After eating lunch, it seemed that everyone in my family went their separate ways, and I found myself relaxing on the couch and watching some basketball. There were too many people milling about for me to actually slip into something more comfortable like a pair of pajama bottoms with pantyhose, but I was still enjoying television after a hard morning of work.

During one of the breaks in the action, a commercial came on from Direct TV that showed how nice it was to relax and take a break in front of the television after a busy day of work. The scenes in the commercial changed quickly, and the main characters were a guy whose occupation I don't care to remember and then a girl who was an airline stewardess. As we all know, the airlines is one industry where the women are still required to wear pantyhose as they work, but that exact thought was not on my mind as I watched the commercial. That all changed, however, when they showed the stewardess arriving at her hotel after the flight, fixing a quick meal in the hotel kitchen, and then sitting down on the couch with her feet propped up in front of the television.

The scene changed rather quickly and I actually had to hit the 10 second rewind button to confirm this, but the commercial showed just the stewardess' feet clad in nude pantyhose with a reinforced toe propped up in front of the television. I was so excited at the commercial that I kept hitting the 10 second rewind button in order to watch the scene again and again. And all this time, I thought I was the only one who looked to prop up my feet in front of the television while wearing pantyhose!! I thought the scene would be a fun one to share, and so I paused the television during the one and a half second that they show her feet and took a picture with my cell phone.
nude pantyhose with reinforced toe
Watching that commercial totally made my day as you can imagine, and even now I think "What must have been going a transgender girl wearing a bra beneath her top and pantyhose beneath her jeansthrough the producer's mind to actually include a scene into a commercial where a woman wearing pantyhose is propping up her feet and watching television?" We all know that these days pantyhose are largely considered a fashion faux pas, and so it was nice to see pantyhose made a part of that television commercial.

For girls like you and I, pantyhose are not a fashion faux pas, and it's always a treat when we can find an opportunity to slip into a pair of them, and when I wear pantyhose, I rarely remove them until it's time to take my next shower. That means I have lots of time to spend around the house in stocking feet because at our house, we usually choose to remove our shoes when entering the house. I just love the feel of walking across an oak floor in my pantyhose, and it's always fun to put my feet up and relax when I'm wearing nylons. I also love to sneak peeks at my toes and then wiggle them around from time to time just to feel the cool air through my pantyhose. And of course when I'm watching television, there's nothing better than to put my feet up just like that airline stewardess and take a break while catches glimpses of my nylons with their reinforced toe.

All week I've been thinking about how women in stocking feet is such a wonderful sight, and so I thought I would go back and review my pictures to find those times when I purposefully took pictures of myself in stocking feet just because I love that look so much. Whether it's wearing pantyhose beneath my jeans or showing off a silky pair of hose beneath a lacy slip or removing my shoes in the fitting room in between outfits, I found dozens and dozens of pictures that I took of myself in stocking feet...just because. So, I decided to compile some of the best pics into a fun picture gallery that I could share with everyone. I hope you enjoy this gallery as much as I enjoyed revisiting the moments!

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