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Orange Halter Top from Old Navy

I'm pretty sure I have a thing for bras, and summer is such a fun month because so many girls are out in tank tops or camisoles, and it's always tricky to try and hide one's bra straps. Of course, these days many girls don't even bother hiding their bra straps anymore. Regardless, it has always been my dream to be able to fit in with this crowd. In the summer of 2011, I came across this darling halter top from Old Navy. It's made of a light cotton, and it flares out at the lower torso to give me maximum comfort during the hot summer. Itís also a fun orange color with a pretty white floral pattern. The one thing I have noticed about this halter top is that it's impossible for me to entirely cover my bra straps while wearing it. I tried several bras with it, but the cut of this top is always going to allow for part of my bra straps to show through. You wonít see this girl complaining though :-)

crossdresser in a halter top, bra, and black mini skirt  cross dressing a bra, orange halter top, and white short shorts  cross dresser crossing her legs in nude pantyhose and cute sandals

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