crossing my legs in suntan pantyhose and a pink slip crossdressing websitewearing a bra beneath a white tee shirt
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Old Navy Sleeveless Floral Dress

You know how sometimes a girl just needs a new dress? I had that feeling one night as I was returning some library books. It was 8 PM, and I still had time before most stores closed and so I went to buy a dress at a second hand store I like to frequent. I'm not sure why, but I really felt drawn to sleeveless dresses that night and ended up purchasing this cute floral dress by Old Navy. The next Sunday, I wore it to Kohl's department store for an afternoon shopping trip and totally fell in love with the dress. I can't wait now for opportunities to wear this summer dress out shopping again.

crossdressing a floral dress from Old Navy

a man wearing a dress from Old Navy and pantyhose

shopping while crossdressed in an Old Navy dress

a male to female crossdresser wearing a dress in theKohl's parking lot

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