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Meeting Danielle and Taking Her Shopping

a man crossdressing as a woman for HalloweenNote from Lisa ~ Danielle and I go back as far as any of my t-girl friends, and we are so close that we consider ourselves sisters.  The two of us were finally able to meet each other the night before Halloween 2017 when she came to visit me and my other good friend, Danielle.  I wanted to post our Halloween escapades as close to the holiday as possible, so I updated those first, but prior to those outings, it was my great pleasure to take my oldest sister shopping the night she arrived.  I'll let her tell the rest of the story from that outing... 

From Danielle ~ Let me start out by saying that for those of you who remember the Bob Newhart show with Larry, Darryl and his other brother Darryl, this is about Lisa, Danielle, and her other sister Danielle!  Hey, at least the initials are the same!  Also, to put things in perspective, Lisa is the baby sister, the other Danielle is the middle sister, and this Danielle is the oldest or big sister.

a man crossdressing as a woman in the hotel lobbyLisa and I have been friends for about seven years, and we had been planning an adventure for a long time but just could never seem to make it happen. Well we finally did, and oh wow what an adventure it was!

I live about 6 hrs. by car from her and on the Monday before Halloween, I headed her way.  We talked several times on the phone as I was driving, and both of us were so excited we could hardly stand it!

The plan was that I would check into my hotel and get all dolled up, and Lisa and the other Danielle would come to my room after they both got off of work.  The only thing was they were both coming in drab.  I must admit that I was just a tiny bit terrified!  That was just foolishness as I soon found out, but I would say a logical reaction for someone such as myself who knows they are truly transgendered and thinks of herself as a woman.

Once we all met up the adventure began.  My little sister kept a promise she made to me long ago and helped me get my false eyelashes on as I only have one eye that functions correctly, and applying them becomes a bit difficult at times to say the least.  Oh, what a difference they made!

Having finished that task they asked me, "What do you want to do?"  Well me being a typical girl, what do you suppose was the first thing that came to mind?  "Let's go shopping!  Momma needs a new pair of shoes!"  Out the door we went, me and these two handsome guys!  One of them even opened the door for me and now that I think about it, I guess we took two vehicles.  We soon arrived at a local Shopko and headed in from the parking lot.
a man crossdressing for Halloween shopping at Shopko

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