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Meeting Danielle and Taking Her Shopping

Was I nervous?  Oh, you bet!  You see where I live I am too well known and the town is too small, so I am very reluctant to go out in public as Danielle.  It's not so much a passable thing as it is my vehicle is somewhat unique and very recognizable.  Also, I can hardly go out even as a guy without seeing 5 or 6 people that I recognize.

Anyway, I digress. Once inside the store it became very obvious to me that nobody was paying me any kind of special attention.  I was just another woman, and I felt like I had died and gone to heaven!  We headed off to the shoe department where I found a pair of black patent 3-inch heels which I ultimately bought.  The "boys" kept bringing me shoes to try on, and Lisa was taking pictures of me.  I don't know if anyone can imagine how I was feeling, but it was wonderful!  There I was out in public as a woman doing the kind of things women do and absolutely nobody was any the wiser.

As we finished up in the shoe department, the other Danielle had to leave for an appointment, so we parted company and Lisa (as a guy) and myself continued to shop.  We headed over to the sleepwear section as I was looking for a new nightie which unfortunately I didn't find and from there we went over to cosmetics where I obtained some concealer and liquid eyeliner.  We then headed to the registers to check out.  I giggled and whispered to Lisa, "Do you want to pay for this stuff at the register for your Momma since I don't exactly trust my voice just yet?"  She agreed, and I dug into my purse and slipped her some money.  We proceeded to check out with no problems. Just a guy and his Mom.

Perhaps I should explain a bit here. I am 21 years older than my baby sister so chronologically, yes, I could be one of her parents. Furthermore, I have recently gone to a gray wig. Believe me, even with that gray wig, I don't look like some frumpy old housewife! The other thing I should also mention was I was wearing tan lace slacks and a cute little top and a pair of camel colored flats. Now I love to wear a dress or a skirt and high heels as much as any girl, but believe me that can be a real recipe for getting read in a heartbeat.

Anyway, back to the story.  Once we reached the parking lot I nearly exploded!  I could not believe what I had just done!  My little sister just smiled and said, "See, I told you so! You just have to believe in yourself!"

We stopped by a Burger King to get me something to eat which I took to the room as my little sister had to get home to her family.  When we pulled into the parking lot at the hotel, my sister asked me if I wanted her to drop me off by the back door, and I said, "Nope...front door!"  In a matter of a few hours I had become completely fearless!  Little did I know that the next day (Halloween) was going to get even better!.

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