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My Views on God

I feel that if I should start from anywhere in my quest for self introspection, then it should be from the beginning. Rather than go into depth regarding my beliefs in writing, I feel as if it will be more impactful to make short, simple statements that reflect my beliefs. I will produce four short chapters below from The Gospel According to Lisa regarding the subjects of:

 1)  Evidence as to why I believe in God
 2)  Authority to speak on behalf of God
 3)  Gender in the eyes of God
 4)  Familial obligations.

Hopefully these statements will give all of you more insight as to why I believe the way I do and why I make the choices that I do. Finally, please remember that these are my beliefs and opinions and may not represent yours.  They also definitely don't represent the politically correct. :)

The Gospel According to Lisa

Chapter 1
1  I believe in God.
2  I believe that man is created in the image of God.
3  I believe that God organized this earth and all things on it for the benefit of man.
4  I believe that God did indeed give man dominion over all the earth.
5  I believe that God is as interested and involved in the people populating the earth today as he was in ancient times when He called prophets and guided His people through troubled times.
6  I believe that Abraham was a literal figure of our earth's past.
7  I believe that Abraham spoke with God.
8  I believe in the God who spoke with Abraham, which means I believe in the same God as many major religions of the world.
9  I believe that God blessed Abraham with a birthright that promised Abraham and his seed a host of temporal blessings, the right to obtain spiritual blessings, endless posterity, and chosen lands on this earth.
10  I believe that the posterity of Abraham began fighting over the right to the birthright and its accompanying blessings beginning from the first generation when Abraham begat Ishmael and then Isaac.
11  I believe that Isaac inherited the birthright from his father, and Jacob inherited it from Isaac as stated in Genesis.
12  I believe that Jacob's 12 sons and their posterity who became known as the House of Israel are literal and that evidence of this is seen today, especially with the Jews.
13  I believe that the Jews are direct descendents of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and I believe that the Jews were and are a chosen people of God.
14  I am not Jewish.
15  I believe that the birthright promised to Abraham was passed down to Isaac, Jacob, and then to Joseph's seed through his son Ephraim as stated in Genesis.
16  I believe that the posterity of Joseph is a chosen people along with the Jews.
17  I believe that the posterity of Joseph is spread out across multiple races starting with the posterity of Ephraim and Manasseh as stated in Genesis and not confined to a single race as is the case with the Jews.
18  I believe that the posterity of Joseph and the posterity of Judah have blessed the lives of God's children on this earth immensely through innovation, discovery, invention, technology, medicine, literature, music, education, and government.
19  I believe that the posterity of Joseph and Judah are demonized and accused of exploitation by people who fight against the God of Abraham and feel threatened by His supreme authority.
20  I believe that the current strife and chaos seen in the world today and significant events throughout history are directly traced back to Old Testament days and the continued fight over the birthright of Abraham.
21  I believe that to be chosen does not mean that one is perfect and free from sin.

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