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Don't Forget the Jeans and Capris

The other day I was washing my hair--which in girl terms for me means I was washing my wigs, and as I hung them up to dry, I couldn't help but notice the pleasant scent of the wet hair that had just been treated with shampoo and conditioner. It reminded me of my college days when a certain girl who sat in front of me in my morning class would always show up just out of the shower. Her long, straight hair was still wet, and I could smell the fragrance from her shampoo, and it really made an impact on me. You've probably heard that humans give off certain pheromones that attract the opposite sex, and that's certainly the effect that the scent of her wet hair had on me, and so every time I smell fresh hair, I think of that girl.

Anyway, as I was checking on my wigs as they dried, I paid particular attention to my long, blonde hair wig which I'm wearing in this pic at right and noticed that it looked very similar to that girl's wet hair from college. The hair smelled wonderful, and it was still hanging there in clumps due to the water still contained in the fibers of the hair. I was a bit taken aback at how real the wig looked even with the wet hair, and it inspired a future adventure for me where I will one day wake up early in the morning, wash my long, blonde hair wig, and then wear it out for a quick shopping trip posing as a woman just out of the shower. This would work best in summer when a girl could get away with wet hair outside, and so I'll wear a cute cami and perhaps my new khaki shorts and then run and do some shopping with my hair still wet.  OMG, I can only imagine the sensation of wet hair on my bare shoulders.

I believe that a wig with wet hair would greatly contribute to my ability to pass because the average human brain would not compute that a wig could actually be washed and worn wet. If you were out one morning and saw a girl with wet hair, you would instinctively think, "hmm..she's just out of the shower." You would never think, "wait a minute...that could be a wig." Even if I wasn't wearing makeup, I'll bet I could still pass while wearing a wet wig just because the people who saw me wouldn't compute that it could be a cross dresser wearing a wig that's just been washed, and so I'm going to have some fun experimenting with that this summer.

The point I'm trying to make, though, is that adding a detail to one's wig like going out with wet hair or using sunglasses as an accessory in the hair can make the appearance of the wig look much more credible, and the sunglasses trick is something I frequently use. And so if accessories or slight changes can add to one's appearance as a crossdresser, there are definitely other mistakes we can make that will detract from our look and lead to getting us read in public more easily.

The best example I can think of is dressing inappropriately for the occasion. I suppose that I am as obsessed with short skirts and dresses, pantyhose, and high heels as much as the next girl, and there is nothing quite like the sensation of wearing nylons over freshly shaven legs beneath an elegant dress and listening to my heels clicking as I walk along the pavement. But dressing like this attracts so much attention that if the look appears out of place, the chances of my being read in public greatly increase. I am well aware of this, and so you can probably count on one hand the times I've worn a dress and heels when crossdressing in public where I wasn't going to the theater.

If you have never crossdressed in public and are building up the courage to give it a try, my best advice to you would be to start out wearing slacks, jeans, or exercise pants. I know it's not nearly as fun having your legs covered up too much, but trust me when I say that browsing for lingerie in a department store is just as fun while wearing jeans as it is while wearing a dress. Girls like us need to adhere to current fashion trends when going out in public and confine the trends we grew up with to home or a bar where it would not be so strange to see an obvious male to female crossdresser.

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