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Frequently Asked Questions about My Cross Dressing (page 2)

Why do you use maxi pads and panty liners?
The simplest answer to this question is, "I use maxi pads and panty liners because girls do." I suppose it's the same reason why I wear an A-cup bra even though I technically don't have boobs. If girls do it, I want to do it. Having said that, using feminine hygiene products (I don't use tampons) does have a purpose in that they keep my panties cleaner, and they absorb any moisture that could form in those parts for whatever reason. It's really as simple as that.

How do you maintain such a smooth front?
Though I am asked this question a lot, I really don't have any tricks. I try and be as low maintenance as possible when I dress, and by that I mean I try and be as natural as possible using my own body. The two areas that I can't control are my hair and my boobs, and so I use a wig for my hair and breast forms in my bra, but aside from that, I don't really like to implement smoke and mirrors as part of my look. I am who I am, and so to the extent possible, I make do with what I was born with.

Getting back to my smooth front, when I pull up my panties, I tuck my extra parts between my legs to the rear, and then I pull my panties all the way up trying to keep the waist band as high as possible. When I wear pantyhose, the extra support in the panty also helps to keep me in place properly, and it's really nothing more than that. As I begin to walk and move around, things kind of adjust by themselves, and before I know it, I'm on my way. I wish I had some tips and tricks to share regarding a smooth front, but I don't use anything special.

What percentage of the time are you dressed like a girl?
I would say that I get a chance to dress about 30 days each year. And when I say days, I don't necessarily mean the full day because I usually have to go to work, or my wife will only be gone for half the day and so my dressing on a particular day could be limited to two hours. I'd say I have about 7 full days per year to be en femme all day and night, so that's 2% of the time, and then once you factor parts of the other 20 - 25 days in the year, that number probably rises to somewhere between 3% - 4%. It doesn't sound like much, but I make full use of that time and am grateful for what I do have.

Did I say something to offend you?
This question is asked a lot of me when I don't reply to someone's email in a timely manner (about 97% of the time). As I mentioned previously, when my life gets really hectic, one of the last things that I'm able to do is check my email, and so I unfortunately make many of you wait too long for a reply. While I don't really know how to change that at this point, I can guarantee you that nothing you say to me will ever offend me.

Do guys ever hit on you?
Online, yes. Live, never. The reason guys don't hit on me in the real world is because I'm never in situations where guys are on the prowl. When I go shopping in the mornings, guys are at work, and when I go places like the theater, guys are always with a significant other. I suppose that if I trolled around construction sites or frequented bars en femme that yes, guys would hit on me, but I have yet to put myself in that kind of situation. Guys will sneak looks at me, and I've had plenty of doors held open for me, but that's the extent of it.

How can you help me become passable?
This is a tricky one because if I do my job properly, I will only criticize the areas where you need to improve. I feel I am quite blunt when people ask me about their look, but if you want to become passable, you have to lose weight; you must learn how to style your hair; you must learn how to properly apply makeup and choose the colors that work for you; and you must accept the fact that girls no longer wear short skirts, pantyhose, and 6" heels (at least at the same time). The best advice I can give here is to observe 10 women you run into everyday who are your same age, and mimic them. They'll be dressed properly for their age and for the setting. If you want to pass at the mall, go to the mall as a guy and observe how the other women your age are dressed. Once you have that down, strive for that look.

Do you take requests for outfits?
Yes, I do take requests for outfits, but only if they're practical and modest. If you're hoping for a pic like the one below, you really have to become a special friend of mine before I'll share one of those shots. ;-)

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