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Tips on Wearing Earrings

Several years ago I was attending church with my family and gazing up at a beautiful woman singing a solo with the choir. This woman was visiting her sister who is a member of our congregation, and she was asked to sing a solo during the service since she had done some professional recording as a Christian artist. I won't mention her name here, but I will say that she had the looks to go along with her angelic voice.

As any girl would, I scrutinized every detail of her appearance including her hair and makeup, the fit of her dress, and of course her heels, and there wasn't a single aspect about her that was unbecoming of a woman. Okay, if I really had to scrutinize, she wasn't wearing nylons beneath her dress, but other than that she was the appearance of what I would call the perfect woman and something that I continue to aspire to become.

The single most trait about her that captured my eye was her earrings. She was wearing thick, platinum hoop earrings with small diamonds lining the exterior of the hoops very similar to the picture of earrings I have posted here. Now, the gems on the earrings very well could have been rhinestones, but the point is they combined the elegance of gems with the youth and vibrancy of hoop earrings, and I really felt that her earrings were the centerpiece of her entire wardrobe. I longed for the day when I would be able to wear those same earrings.

My biggest obstacle to wearing such earrings was that I didn't have my ears pierced (and still don't), and I couldn't see any way to wear hoop earrings without pierced ears. I could not get those earrings out of my mind, however, and the girl instincts inside of me would not let it go, and so finally one morning as I made a quick trip to Wal-Mart while crossdressed, I stopped by the jewelry section to look at the hoop earrings and see if there was any way that I could wear hoops without pierced ears.

I looked at several models and styles of hoops and noticed that the way they fastened to the back of the ear varied, but with one particular style, I noticed that the clasp at the back of the ear was very much like the clasp on a clip-on earring in that it was hinged so as to be able to fit around the pin portion coming through the ear and then act as a clasp to keep the earring in place. I moved the clasp back and forth a bit and then realized that I may be able to get it to function similarly to a clip-on earring.

These particular hoop earrings came in a set with other earrings including several types of studs, but altogether, everything only cost $4.99 (remember, I was at Wal-Mart), and so I purchased the entire set excited that I may finally be able to wear hoop earrings. After I arrived home, I removed the hoop earrings from the packing and studied them even closer. I realized that in their original state, the pin that is supposed to stick all the way through a pierced ear was too long in order for me to simply use the back clasp in the same manner as a clip-on, and so I decided to cut the pin to about 1/3 of it's original size and see if I could poke the shortened pin against the soft flesh of my ear lobe and then keep it in place with the clasp at the rear.

Modifying a pair of hoop earrings
Using a pair of wire cutters from my guy's toolbox, I shortend the pin to the point where I guessed the distance from the end of the pin to the clasp resting in its closed position was just under the thickness of my earlobe. I thought that the pin would need to be poking against my earlobe just a bit to keep it from slipping; yet, I didn't want it to be too tight so as to cause my ears to hurt or even worse, draw blood. After making my best female guess, I cut off most of the pin and then hurried into the bathroom to try on the altered earring in front of the mirror.

In the same manner that I had always attached a clip-on earring, I opened the clasp at the back of the hoop, positioned the pin at the front of the ear lobe, and then let the clasp close naturally against the back of my ear.

And then I let go.

I stayed motionless for a few seconds waiting for the earring to slip off, but it never did, and so I slowly shook my head and watched in amazement as the earring dangled against my ear but didn't slip. I could really feel the estrogen surging through my body now as I ran back out to the garage with the other earring and cut the pin short on that one as well.

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