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Running to Wal-Mart for Pantyhose

crossdresser at Walmart buying pantyhoseIf you are a long-time reader of my crossdresser website then you know that I usually dress up like an every day girl. I would prefer to wear a pretty dress, nylons, and heels everyday; however, the biggest goal in my crossdressing is to fit in with all of the other girls. As a result I'm usually trying to piece together modest outfits that are cute but that don't really stand out. Each time I am out in public crossdressed or not, I always observe other women and pay particular attention to what they're wearing. One trend that I've noticed over the last few years are women wearing yoga pants with an exercise top as they're out running errands on their way to or from the gym. And so one day in the spring of 2012, I had some time to myself, and so I determined to do a little bit of shopping dressed like a yoga mom. I borrowed a pair of my wife's yoga pants, and then I paired that with a long sleeve tee shirt in white, mostly because I wanted my bra to show through. :-)

One of the most common places you see yoga moms these days is at Wal-Mart because you can fulfill almost any errand at Wal-Mart and because you usually find a gym nearby. On this day, I really wasn't looking for anything specific; rather, I just wanted to mingle with the other yoga moms by browsing throughout through the store looking through the clothing department and of course the linger section...even if it is Wal-Mart. I don't remember exactly all that I did buy at Wal-Mart, but I did snap a picture of me holding a package of L'eggs sheer to waist pantyhose in Off Black.

The picture at right is my outfit as a yoga mom complete with a pair of fun sunglasses on top of my head.  I'm also pleased that my bra is showing through my top so well.  :-)

crossdresser buying Leggs pantyhose  crossdresser driving
crossdresser pic while driving   

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