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Dashboard Pictures from a Trip to Costo

In July 2011 I decided to attempt one of my biggest cross dressing shopping adventures ever...a trip to Costco dressed like a girl. My wife was out of town and asked me to pick a few things up from Costco before she returned, so I happily obliged decided to run the errand dressed as a girl. I had been living as a girl for the past few weeks, so my makeup was looking great, and I had purchased a cute pink top with lots of ruffles a few weeks earlier that I decided to wear. You can read about my shopping trip to Costco in my cross-dressing blog, but these are some of the pics I took from the dashboard of my SUV on the way there.

crossdressing in my car driving while cross dressed
pretty crossdresser in pink pretty cross dresser in pink

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Cellphone Pantyhose

To Old Navy

In-N-Out Burger

Christmas shopping for panties

Buying Always Ultra Thins

Getting my oil changed

C thru blouse

To Shoe Carnival

Pantyhose at Wal-Mart

To Costco

To JCpenney

To McDonald's

New bra at the mall

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