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Buying Always Ultra Thins

man dressed as a woman purchasing Alway Ultra ThinsThroughout most of my life, I could never understand why any girl would want to wear cotton panties. And then one day I was reading on a forum where girls were discussing panties and which fabrics they preferred and why, and one particular girl explained it extremely well when she said she refused to wear anything but cotton panties because it's just way too uncomfortable when there's any discharge that doesn't get absorbed properly by the cotton fabric.

Without getting too graphic, her reasoning made perfect sense to me because even though my parts aren't the same as hers, I've noticed all my life while wearing nylon panties that it can be extremely irritating when I get a spot of moisture that isn't absorbed properly by they cotton liner located at the base of my nylon panties. I don't know why I had never realized it before, but after reading her opinion on the matter, I began mixing cotton panties into my collection and really grew to love them.

I'll never stray completely from nylon panties, however, especially after discovering panty liners and maxi pads at the suggestion of my girl friend, Samantha. I've made several feminine hygiene purchases the last little while and have tried out various brands and sizes, and recently I made a trip to Wal-Mart to try out yet another brand and style, Always Ultra Thins. This is actually the brand my wife uses, and I've borrowed her pads before, but she prefers wings on her pads while I do not.  Whether or not you're a guy or a girl, I highly recommend using maxi pads or panty liners anytime that you wear panties.

In these pictures I'm wearing a tight, plum turtleneck with medium length hair, and so I thought it'd be fun to post a few pictures from my trip to Wal-Mart to purchase Always Ultra Thins.

men who use feminine hygiene products   men who wear maxi pads
men who use panty liners   crossdressed and purchasing Always maxi pads
This is especially for men who wear panties or men who wear maxi pads and panty liners.

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