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Pictures Taken from the Dashboard of My Car while Crossdressing En Femme

My goal as a male to female crossdresser is to pass in public en femme in normal every day situations for a woman of my age, and so whenever I venture out into the real world, I have to drive my car to get there. One of my favorite practices aside from driving slowly and carefully like a girl is to place a digital camera on the dashboard of my car and snap pictures of me as I drive

I really love the honesty reflected in these pictures because they are so close up that there is nothing to hide. I can see wrinkles on my face, I can tell if my eyes are bloodshot from a lack of sleep, I can tell if I didn't curl my eyelashes properly, and I can readily tell if I made a mistake in doing my hair. Yet, despite all of the flaws that I seem to notice, the pictures still reflect me, and I cherish these close-ups because they are portraits of who I am as a girl.

Here are a few of my favorite pictures taken from the dashboard of my car and at left are links that display multiple dashboard pics from my various outings.

Fashion     Public

Cellphone Pantyhose

To Old Navy

In-N-Out Burger

Christmas shopping for panties

Buying Always Ultra Thins

Getting my oil changed

C thru blouse

To Shoe Carnival

Pantyhose at Wal-Mart

To Costco

To JCpenney

To McDonald's

New bra at the mall

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