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Christmas Shopping for Panties

crossdressed at ChristmasOne of the best things about Christmas is dressing up like a girl in a fun Christmas outfit. I will never forget the impact on me one year when I noticed a young girl about 12 years old dressed up in a black sweater, red plaid skirt, and black tights sitting near a Christmas tree. She sat just like a young lady with perfect posture, and I could just tell she was enjoying every minute of being a girl in a darling Christmas outfit. There is no such experience comparable for a boy, but luckily the girl inside of me was able to relate to the situation, and so every year since then I have tried to put together a special outfit for Christmas time.

This year was extra fun because not only was I able to dress up in a fun Christmas outfit, but I was also able to go shopping while wearing it! I noticed in one of the ads for a department store close by that panties were buy one get the next pair half off, and so I couldn't resist doing some panty shopping while crossdressed as a girl for Christmas, especially since I had browsed the Vanity Fair panties at this department store previously and knew that I could take full advantage of the sale.

My 2012 Christmas outfit consisted of a red button down sweater over a sheer, white blouse with ruffles lining the buttons. On my lower half I wore a pleated gray skirt that ended just above the knees and pair it with black tights with a subtle fishnet pattern in them. Dressed in such an outfit, I just had to wear heels, and so I chose a fun pair of black pumps with a little bow at the front of each shoe. In the shopping section of my diary, I document the full experience here, but I was so pleased with the way that my dashboard photos turned out, and so I'm posting several of them here.

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shopping for panties crossdressed  crossdressed and shopping for panties

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