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Dashboard Pictures at JCPenney

t-shirt and 38C braOne Friday night I decided to cross dress and go shopping at the mall. I found myself in JCPenney shopping for panties in their lingerie section when I came across the most darling bra. It was a simple, cotton bra with pretty polka dots woven throughout the pattern, and to my delight, they had the bra in my natural size, which is 38A. I was going to buy the bra but realized I was wearing a tight t-shirt with a bra in 38C. Since I love any opportunity to go out into public cross dressed, I determined that I would have to come back to JCPenney later as an A-cup and buy the bra. I did just that two days later and took pictures from my dashboard on both days. The pics below are of me wearing an aqua t-shirt with the 38C bra, and on the next page of dashboard pics, I post pictures from when I went back to the mall as an A-cup. I just love shopping for bras and panties!

1 - Showing off my 38C bra in the close-up at right
2 - Top Left: In the mall parking lot in front of JCPenney
3 - Top Right: A pic with more of a shadow on my face
4 - Bottom Left: Looking straight ahead...for once!
5 - Bottom Right: Saying good-bye to Penney's in my rearview mirror

cross dressing at the mall crossdressing at the mall
wearing a 38C bra and tshirt crossdresser at the mall

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