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Going to In-N-Out Burger En Femme

I know hamburger establishments aren't usually associated with anything feminine, but we girls love a good burger just as much as the guys, and if we eat in smaller proportions then there's nothing wrong with enjoy a hamburger now and then is there? My favorite place to get a fast food burger is without a doubt In-N-Out Burger, but in the area where I live, we don't have very many of them so no matter which location you go to, they are always crowded. I had always wanted to visit In-N-Out Burger en femme, but I was always afraid of the crowds, and so I would sneak into less populated places for a quick bite to it.

Well, one day last summer I was feeling extra girlie, and I was wearing this adorable keyhole top from Old Navy that required me to wear a bra that clasped into an X on my back. You could see part of the bra straps peeking through from the front edges of my top, and it was just flirty enough that I felt like showing the world. I was also wearing a teal-colored bra, and perhaps that made me feel younger than if I wore the traditional white or beige. Regardless, I felt like I could go anywhere and do anything, and so after a quick stop into another boring guy place--the hardware store, I decided to eat my lunch at In-N-Burger.

You can read about my entire adventure on this page, but as I usually do, I snapped plenty of pictures from the dashboard of my car, and once I was in the In-N-Out parking lot, it was as if I needed a picture from every angle with the sign in the background. I'm posting four of the picks below that I liked nearly as much as the cheeseburger and fries. :-)


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