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My Friends

One of the reasons I started my website is because I felt I had a story to tell the world, and I was confident there were lots of girls out there who could relate to my same thoughts and experiences. I also wanted to create a website where readers could see pretty crossdressing pictures and read about my lifelong experiences as a crossdresser and know that they wouldn't run into anything gross or obscene.

But my story is just a drop in the bucket of this wonderful, vast network of girls all over the world, so I thought it would be fun to create a web page that showcases my friends and acquaintances and introduces the world to their beauty and talents all while maintaining a safe and clean environment. Besides, this gives me something else to do during those days when I can't crossdress. ;-)

If you have a link, a bio, artwork, a story, an adventure, or anything else related to crossdressing that you would like showcased from this page, please email me at

For starters, I'm going to post the bio of one of my very best friends, Danielle, and then I'm going to introduce some of the funniest crossdressing comics I've seen created by my friend Kay.


* Danielle


* Crossdressing comics by Kay Henderson

Writing (Fiction and Non-fiction)

* Kay has also written a book, so please check it out here!