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The Lisa Files

Read Lisa's latest update on her beliefs in God linked at right

When I first began putting this cross dressing diary together, I envisioned various categories that I thought would be interesting to my readers. I had lots of adventures that I wanted to convey; it made sense to talk about my history; and then some kind of photo gallery with tons of crossdressing pictures was mandatory.

I also needed a section that I would ultimately label "Reflections" because I knew that I would want to talk about some of my feelings and emotions as a cross dresser both past and present. As I look back on my various reflections, I notice that many of them deal with my emotions at any given time and are quite high level. Sometimes I relive moments from the past, and sometimes I talk about a spur of the moment outing based on my mood at the time, but I really never dig deeply into my soul and try and find those answers or conclusions that so many people like me are seeking.

Lately, I've really felt the need to publicly express some of my deep introspections on various topics related to people like me in an effort to help clarify exactly who I am and why I do the things that I do. For example, when I first created this website, I labeled myself a "crossdresser" because that was the only term with which I was familiar. After going pubic with my story and interacting with so many of you, however, I realize now that I am a transgender individual who only uses cross dressing as a means to identify with the way I really feel inside.

As a result, I've decided to create this section in my diary called "The Lisa Files" where I will dig as deeply into my heart and mind as possible and address pertinent subjects and the way they affect me as a transgender individual. I suspect I need to do this mostly as a means of self therapy, but I sincerely hope that by delving deep into my soul I can produce answers for myself and perhaps answers for others who struggle with gender dysphoria as I do.

At right I have a list of topics that I will discuss over time, so hopefully the list will grow and the menu items will transform into links sooner rather than later.  In the mean time, look deeply into my eyes and into my soul, and welcome to The Lisa Files.

The Lisa Files


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