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My Crossdressing Blog

a crossdresser holding a pink bag from Victoria's SecretWelcome to my cross dressing blog.  While much of my site focuses on my history of crossdressing, various crossdressing adventures in my past, and successful shopping excursions en femme, this blog is where I will post the majority of my current crossdressing experiences.  Occasionally, I have current thoughts or experiences that I want to share, but there either isn't enough content to warrant a lengthy diary page, or I'll forget about it altogether before I can think of a way to present it in my diary.  For example, several years ago I went to Banana Republic with my wife to buy a suit.  When I took the pants into the dressing room to try them on, there were four pairs of women's jeans already in the dressing stall.  And as luck would have it...they were all in size 8!  Since my wife was out browsing for her own clothes, I set my suit pants aside and tried on the women's jeans instead.  They fit perfectly, and I was so tempted to buy a pair until I saw the $90 price tag.  I ended up getting around to my own suit pants, but it was an unexpected and fun cross dressing moment.

I have crossdressing experiences or thoughts nearly everyday whether it's seeing someone dressed in a pretty outfit and wanting to mimic it or wearing support pantyhose under my clothes for a trip to the ski slopes, so this blog will allow me a forum to talk about my mini cross dressing adventures.  This blog will also allow me to post crossdressing pictures right after I take them since that is what interests me the most about other crossdressers' websites.  I have organized all of my blog entries through the years in the links at right.  Click on the year in order to expand all of my crossdressing diary entries for that year in reverse chronological order.

Recent crossdressing photo shoots:  In these two sets of photos, I am wearing sexy summer dresses adorned with lace.  Both of these dresses are perfect to wear out on a hot summer night.  Click here to view the photos:   Black Dress  |  White Dress



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