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Chasing Rainbows

Today was one of those day's where nothing seemed to go right, especially when it came to useful girl time. Rather than constantly focus on shopping trips this summer, I've really been trying to expand my horizons and experiences towards first-time adventures. Deciding to cook something over a campfire and go grocery shopping for the food was one example, and then attending my child's band concert at the high school was another. Of course I've gone out and run my usual errands, and I've even managed to shop for lingerie a time or two, but something I had planned from before my girl time was to attend an event at a museum or a library like a lectures series. In the heart of downtown there are some gorgeous venues of classic architecture that house these more artsy and informative events, and so I had circled tonight on my calendar because there was a lecture series I was interested in regarding the settlement of my area by the early pioneers who migrated to the western United States.

The venue was an old church building in the heart of town that has since been converted into an assembly hall for musical performances, lectures, etc., and so I thought it would be fun to attend the lecture and then perhaps stroll around town in the evening. The lecture started at 7 PM, and the venue was about 35 minutes from my home in normal traffic, and that doesn't count the time I would need to park and then actually walk the few city blocks to the building. As a result, I attempted to plan my day out so I would have ample time to make it into the city, park, and then walk to the venue with time to spare. Unfortunately, today didn't go as planned.

In order to make it all work, I needed to be home by about 5 PM, so I could quickly shower, shave the right places, and then do my makeup and hair, but I just couldn't get away from work in a timely manner. By the time I left my office, it was already 5 PM, and so I was way behind schedule. I thought I could still make it work, and I didn't have anything else planned, and so I raced home as quickly as I could hopping in the shower at about 5:40. I quickly took care of things in the shower, toweled off, and then began applying my makeup in record pace. Things were going well as long as I had control over them, but there were so many variables beyond my control tonight that I could feel the frustration. Looking at the clock like every 30 seconds, I finally finished my makeup by 6:10 PM and then scooted into the bedroom to get ready. Luckily I already had my outfit picked up, so I didn't need to waste any unnecessary time pairing different tops with different skirts.

I definitely wanted to wear a skirt and pantyhose today just because I was going downtown and because I was going to be in a bit more formal setting that I was used to. It seems my go to skirt so far this summer has been my gray jersey skirt, but that particular skirt just seemed a bit to casual for the setting, and so I opted for a more classy looking jersey skirt with black and white diagonal stripes. Since the skirt has a loud pattern to it, I needed a way conservative top, and so I chose a simple cotton blouse by Old Navy in a pretty green color. Since it was still summer and I didn't want to make it obvious that I was wearing nylons, I chose a sheer, nude shade and then completed my outfit with my black ballet flats. I actually considered wearing low heels today, but I was in such a rush that I just decided it'd be easier to hustle and bustle about in flats.

After quickly doing my hair and putting my purse together, it was 6:20 PM by the time I left the house, and I was in such a rush that I didn't even pause to take pictures of my outfit. It would take a miracle for me to make it to the event on time, but I didn't have Plan B in place, so I jumped in my car and sped down the roads as fast as I dared. Normally in girl mode, I tend to be a girl driver, but the guy instincts behind the wheel definitely took over today, and so I made it to the interstate in good time. As I began speeding up the interstate, things were going well until I cam around a major hill and found myself stuck in a massive road construction project. Since I was heading into the city and the opposite way of the evening rush, I didn't think the traffic would affect me, but I was wrong. I was stuck and barely moving. I was quite frustrated at this point, but there was nothing that I could do. I finally convinced myself that I could just try and sneak in late and maybe sit in the balcony, so I took my chances and continued towards the city.

I didn't make it off the interstate until about 7:10 PM, and so I tried to stay in as much control as possible as I drove towards the venue. By the time I parked my car it was about 7:20 PM, and I was way late, I quickly grabbed my purse, locked the door, and then set out on the city streets towards the venue, which was a bout five minutes away. I had gone just a few short steps when I was immediately greeted with a large gust of wind...probably the worst thing that can happen to girls like us who need every hair to be in place in order to pass. I tried to hold my hair together as I walked the best I could, but it was a windy evening with a storm threatening. Undeterred, I finally made it to the venue about 7:30, but the outside doors were closed with two male ushers there standing in front of the door. I sat down on a bench and tried to relax and decide what to do.

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