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Cooking Over A Campfire As A Girl

I arrived home from work tonight about 6 PM, which meant I had plenty of time to get dolled up and go do something en femme. I hadn't eaten anything since lunch time, and so I considered going to grab a bite to eat as a girl, but the thought of going to any sort of restaurant alone didn't sound appealing to me. As the gears in my little blonde head continued to turn, the idea came to me that it might be fun to do a picnic up one of the canyons nearby. I really didn't have any picnic food ready, but I still wanted to go into the mountains and cook my dinner over a fire, and so I decided run to the local supermarket, purchase something that I could eat in the canyon, and then actually build a fire and cook my dinner...all while dressed as a girl.

I started to get way excited with this new idea, but then I realized that I really didn't own any suitable clothing for a trip into the mountains. Regardless, I didn't have time to do anything about it this late, and so I chose a very practical yet simple outfit for the excursion. I started with an orange and white-striped top from Old Navy that has a very loose, fun fit to it. It also ties into a pretty bow at the neckline, and it's perfect for my day to day outings as a girl. I paired the top with my khaki cargo pants and toyed with the idea of wearing nylons underneath both to combat the chillier evening air in the mountains and to deter insects. In the end, I decided to forego the nylons and slipped into a pair nylon footie socks instead to wear beneath my cute red and white polka dot flats. Since I knew I wouldn't be doing any hiking or rugged climbing, I was hoping these flats would suffice for the evening.

Along with my simple outfit, I wanted to go simple with my hair as well, so I pulled it back into a pony tail and wore my bangs down close to my eyes. My usual hoop earrings provided the finishing touch, and I was ready to dash to the supermarket. In the case of today's outing, grabbing my purse, camera, and cell phone would not suffice as I also needed to prepare to make a campfire, and then I needed the necessary utensils to cook and eat my food. I decided that I would buy some yummy brats and roast one over a campfire, so I loaded my trunk with some newspaper, matches, wood, a roasting stick, and an axe. I was a little bit nervous about the axe because how often do you see a woman wielding an axe? But since we don't have a hatchet, I would have to create the kindling for my fire using the axe.

As for cooking utensils, I really only needed a paper plate, a few napkins, and then some wet wipes to clean off my hands. I placed these items in a Ziploc bag and then loaded all of my essentials into a large cloth carry bag that my wife actually uses to take her things to church. I didn't want to get any of my purses dirty, and the cloth bag seemed to fit the situation better anyway. By the time I left the house, the sun was probably 30 minutes from setting, and so I really had to scoot if I wanted enough light to cook my dinner and of course take pics of the entire outing. Despite my rush, I was able to take a few pictures from the dashboard of my car, and you can tell by the light that the sun was setting fast.  In a way that was good because it forced me to just find the closest parking spot and dash into the store regardless of the circumstances.

I chose to visit the local Smith's supermarket, which is right on the way to the canyon closest to my home, and so I found a good parking spot and dashed right into the store. Since I shop here often, I know where all of the department and items are stored, so my first stop was the bakery. It's too bad that I couldn't have bought just one bun, but they don't sell the buns individually, so I picked up a bag of hot dog buns cooked in the Smith's bakery. Before heading to the meat section, I took a quick selfie with the bakery department in the background.

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