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My First Credit Card in My Girl Name!

As I explore the rocky, winding road of being a transgender individual, I'm always searching for new dimensions--as I like to call them--that help me to further experience what it's like to be a girl. I blogged about one such dimension recently when talking of doing yard work in a bra with my breast forms in and noticing the way how the cups of the bra seemed to be cradling my natural breasts as I reached down deep into a hole and caught a glimpse inside the front of my top. Another such experience would be the first time that I ever used a woman's restroom in public. These are certainly not grand events, but they are small subtleties that make me pause and realize, "You really are doing it! You're bringing out the girl inside of you more and more!"

Well, the other day my wife received a new credit card in the mail from Banana Republic. She's has the card for seven or eight years now, and we can use it not only at Banana Republic but at the Gap and Old Navy as well to receive extra discounts. Frequently, these three establishments will have special sales for credit card holders, and then we can also accrue reward points redeemable at one of the three stores for merchandise. It's a really fun card to have, especially if you're super responsible with credit cards. Well, my wife's card was coming up on its expiration date, and so they sent us a new one in the mail. For whatever reason, I started reading the fine print on the letter accompanying the new card, and it explained that you could log into the account and authorize more users on the card.

While it probably doesn't happen often, the gears in my little blonde head began to spin, and I thought to myself how fun it would be to have a card for my girl name!! I nervously accessed the account online and followed the instruction on the letter regarding adding an additional authorized user. To my delight, they only required the name of a new authorized user since I was logged in as the primary cardholder (I take care of all our household finances, so I know all the names and passwords). I carefully typed Lisa and my last name, and then I hit the Authorize button, and viola! It gave me a message that the new card would be sent in 5-7 business days.

Well, as I picked up the mail after work today and brought it into the house, I noticed a letter from the bank issuing the card, and to my utter delight, I opened the letter and pulled out my very own credit card with the name "Lisa" on the front! Goodness me, I cannot begin to describe how happy that made me feel, and I literally stood there for a full minute just staring at the beloved card. I hadn't planned on going out tonight since I got home way late and it was already past 9 PM, but I was so excited that I dashed to the bathroom and decided to transform so I could go out and use my card.

All of the establishments I usually visit were closing, but my car did need gas, and so I decided to get dolled up and then make a late-night trip to the pump. After completing my makeup and hair, I walked into my closet and picked out an outfit that I would normally wear if I was a girl with a new credit card ready for an afternoon of shopping. I chose a darling jersey dress with alternating navy and white stripes that I wore last summer to the Ralph Lauren Polo factory outlet store with much success. With my toes still painted in a pretty red, I slipped into my white strappy sandals and then popped in my large hoop earrings to complete my outfit.  The final step was grabbing my girl wallet equipped with my new credit card and then heading out into the night!

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