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Shopping for Unisex Tee Shirts

As I was working in the yard and garden the other day dressed like a girl but looking like my guy self from the neck up, I was thinking how it would be fun to have a few girl tee shirts that I could wear out into the yard and not have them look like obvious girl shirts. I've mentioned in the past that I created a rule for myself that during girl time, I always have to be dressed in girl things even if I have to go out looking like a guy from the neck up (work being the one exception). I suppose that wearing a unisex tee technically counts towards fulfilling that rule, but sometimes I feel as if I'm cheating even when I do wear a bra beneath a unisex tee and it's quite obvious to anyone who cares to look. Still, I think it would make me feel better to KNOW that I'm completely dressed in girl's things even when looking like a guy from the neck up, so today I decided to dash to the thrift store and see if I could find some women's tee shirts that I could not only wear in the yard but also wear when I'm out running errands like a guy.

It was shaping up to be a super hot summer morning, and so I decided to wear something that would keep me as cool as possible. For my top, I chose one of my favorites, a tight fitting decorative chocolate tee with pretty flowers and ruffles all around the neckline by DownEast. This top actually calls for a black bra underneath, and you know it's going to be a good morning when you can hook yourself into a black lacy bra by Lily of France just out of the shower. :-) From the front, this top doesn't really show off my black bra, but you can easily see the impression it makes from behind, and there's just something about a black bra that makes a woman feel sexy, and so it's always fun to be able to coordinate my outfit and accommodate black lingerie underneath.

Along with my black bra, I stepped into a matching pair of panties and pulled on my khaki shorts from Kohl's that I wore all day in the yard on Saturday. The brown / khaki combination might have been too strong on the earth tones for a summer outfit, and so I capped off my wardrobe by stepping into my strappy white sandals that show off my painted toenails in a blood red. It was quite a simple look, but on a summer day when the temperature is supposed to hover around 100 degrees, this outfit would suit me just fine. Knowing that it would be hot outside, I decided to wear my hair back into a ponytail fastened with a cute hair clip that I always keep in my purse. My usual hoop earrings would look great with the ponytail, and then I pulled out my aviator sunglasses in order to provide the finishing touch. I was ready to do some tee shirt shopping at the thrift store and also try out more dashboard pics in my new sunglasses.

The drive over to the thrift store was brief, and the summer sun was already streaming into my car, but I still managed a few fun pictures from my dashboard with my sunglasses used as an accessory for my hair. I don't necessarily like it when the sun is shining on half my body and leaving the other half in the shade because it's really hard to take good pics that way, but I didn't have a choice this morning as I was driving in direct sunlight the entire way. I still thought that some of my dashboard pics turned out well, and so I'll post one of them here and then more later. This pic will also give you a good look at my usual make-up for the morning.

As I pulled into the parking lot, there were quite a few cars already there, but that's normal for this thrift store. They have lots of brand name things at reasonable prices, and so it's a battle among us girls who visit every week or so to see if we can find that next steal. Today my focus was tee shirts, and so I entered through the doors and headed straight for that section. I came across quite a few tees that looked enticing, but they were all unisex tees like the Old Navy 4th of July t-shirts or a tee from a college event. I even came across a Taylor Swift t-shirt from a promotional event, but it was black with a kind of cheesy design, and so I passed on it. The more and more I looked at t-shirts, the more I was finding just how hard it was to find a tee shirt that was obviously a girl's shirt but could still be worn out by a guy without garnering too much attention. The main problem I was encountering was the neckline of the tees. Women's tee shirts come in such a large variety, and you just can't find any without a rounded or exaggerated neckline. The only tee shirts that had a neckline that would work for me also had gaudy prints on the front. For example, there was a pink tee shirt that had a unisex cut, but it had this big cheesy flower print across the front of it. I wouldn't even wear something like that if I was a girl let alone going out looking like a guy from my neck up, so I was really struggling to find something that would work.

In short, I just couldn't find a tee that was clearly a girl's tee shirt that could be worn out in public by a guy without being obvious. It's one thing to wear girl's shorts or jeans that are obvious because the line of vision for everyone is focused up higher, and so someone would have to consciously think to look downward to check whether or not a guy was wearing girl's clothes. In the case of tops, everyone's vision is focused there, and then in my case, I would undoubtedly be wearing a bra beneath the top as well, so I found it extremely difficult to find something that would work for me.

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