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Yard Work Dressed Like A Girl

During part of my summer girl time, I've had to work around having one or more children at home, and today was such a day. It was also Saturday today, and I needed to take care of lots of work around the yard. Because I would be in full site of my neighbors on all sides and because one of my sons was home with me today, I was forced to do the yard work looking like a guy from the neck up, but it didn't mean I couldn't have fun with the way I was dressed from the neck down.

Normally when my wife is away, I dress in female clothing even when I have to go out somewhere looking like my guy self. And even when I don't go out but stay at home to take care of things in the yard, I am always dressed in girl's clothing or something that could pass as unisex like a t-shirt. Underneath, I am of course always dressed in bra and panties and then sometimes pantyhose depending on the occasion.

Today I had work to do around the yard including mowing the lawn and then changing the sprinkler heads I purchased at Lowe's recently en femme, and so I started my day by underdressing in a bra and panties that would be suitable for yard work. As for my bra, I selected a white, soft cup bra in 36A that is comfortable and that also shows nicely through my t-shirt. As for my panties, I like to wear cotton panties when I know I am going to perspire, and so I retrieved a pair of Jockey cotton panties from my drawer in a pretty peach color. This summer I've almost exclusively been wearing panty liners for protection but when doing harder things like exercising or working in the yard, I will use an Always Ultra Thin to help protect my precious panties.

With my unmentionables in place and feeling great, it was next time to determine my outfit. For my top I chose a unisex character tee shirt in beige that has a snug fit around my torso and sleeves. I like the shorter sleeves of this tee shirt because they help raise the tan line on my arms just a bit. I paired this tee shirt with my khaki 4" inseam shorts that I purchased on clearance from the Kohl's women's section a few years back. At the time I purchased these shorts, I was only thinking about wearing them when fully en femme, but I quickly realized they were fun to wear in guy mode as well. I suppose if someone looked closely they would think, "Why is he wearing women's shorts?" but I honestly don't think anyone really stops to look. Now that my top and shorts were ready to go, I decided to just wear sandals out in the yard with my painted toenails peeking through.

The first order of business this morning was to mow the lawn. I moved the mower out to the driveway and then carefully filled the tank with gas well aware that anyone that happened to glance my way would be able to see my bra showing through the back of my tee shirt. It was worth the risk, and after properly filling up, I began to mow the front lawn. The interesting thing about mowing the lawn is that you're kind of committed to a straight path back and forth back and forth, and there's really no opportunity to slip into an obscure location if there is extra traffic around. I was also a bit worried that if one of my neighbors stopped to really watch me, they would surely notice that I was wearing women's shorts and / or a bra. But...the alternative was to dress like a guy, and we just won't go there.

As I mowed the front lawn, our neighbors to one side came out of the house and piled into their SUV waiting on the driveway. Just as they started to back out, they stopped and the mom quickly bound out of the car and back into the house to retrieve something she had forgotten. Back and forth I went towards them and away from them, and who knows if anyone bothered to really look my way and scrutinize my outfit? As I mowed the back lawn, the neighbors behind us came in and out of their back door countless times to clean up after a barbecue they had the night before with family. I carefully watched them go back and forth and in and out of the house, and I didn't really suspect any prolonged looks. When you really think about it, how often do you scrutinize your neighbors' outfits when they're working in the yard? Okay, if you're like me then you will scrutinize every single detail of a woman's outfit, but I'm pretty sure none of my neighbors are like me. It probably took them one second to process that their guy neighbor was mowing the lawn, and that was that.

Once I was finished cutting the grass, I went into the house for a glass of iced tea and noticed my reflection in a bathroom mirror. I was wearing a cap with a large brim, and so my face was covered fairly well, and as I glanced at my figure in the mirror, I truly looked like an androgynous person. Just that thought alone was thrilling, and so I decided to really complete the look to a more feminine figure by inserting breast forms into the cups of my bra before going back out to work on the sprinklers. I also decided to wear lipstick as well because I am a lady after all. Since my next task outside was to replace some sprinkle heads, it would allow me to hide away a little bit more discretely in corners of the yard digging holes here and there, and so I wanted to get much closer to a purely feminine appearance.

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