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Attending a High School Band Concert En Femme

Today was one of the more daring outings that I've ever done, but it seems that once I get an idea in my little blonde head, I just can't go back on it. I have a child who is going to Europe for a high school band tour, and today they held a concert for all of the parents and grandparents prior to their departure. The venue was at a high school in a central location to everybody, and I really wanted to attend the event as a woman. There is some risk involved with that because there would definitely be other parents there that I know, and then you can imagine how fast word would spread if it was obvious that a transgender person was in attendance.

Still, I figured that over 95% of the people in attendance would not be affiliated with our high school group, and the only real risky part would be getting through the front doors of the high school and into the safety of the dark auditorium. What really threw me over the edge on this was the thought of being able to put together an outfit suitable for such a concert. I had two simple choices: dress like a guy in a boring shirt and shorts, or dress like a girl in a cute top and skirt. Of course I chose the latter today.

One of the funnest parts of going out as a girl is selecting the right outfit, and so I figured for a high school band concert that all the other moms would be aware of the large group, and so they would all dress up just a bit more than usual. Let's face it, when you're in a social setting such as that, all of the women are scrutinizing each other, and so I wanted to dress the part.

I few months ago, I found a gorgeous linen top at the thrift store from the Ann Taylor loft collection. This top is a beige short-sleeve sweater with a darling bow woven into the base of the neckline. The size is M, which is cutting it super close for me in terms of Ann Taylor sizing, but luckily I was able to try it on in the fitting room before I purchased it, and so I knew it would barely work for me. As for the proper bra underneath, I think a beige bra would be the most appropriate, but you can easily get away with white or black, and so I chose my black lacy bra by Lily of France to wear underneath.

I paired this top with my navy skirt from Old Navy with fun white stripes, and I believe the last time I wore this skirt out was to Wicked last summer. It is such a cute skirt, and the cotton fabric also means I get to wear a half slip underneath to keep it swishing back and forth properly when I walk. :-) I debated back and forth as to whether or not I should wear nylons, and when you consider the 100 degree weather outside, the answer should have been an easy "no,", but when I go out just a bit dressier than normal, I have to wear nylons, and so I slid on a pair of silky sheer pantyhose in a nude shade.

Completing the outfit were my black ballet flats, and as I stood in front of the full length mirror, I knew I had the perfect outfit. As for my hair and makeup, everything came together perfectly, and as I stood there looking at my reflection in the mirror, I felt as passable as I've ever been. I absolutely love it when I can achieve such a confidence level, and I would need it today considering the circumstances I was heading into.

I left myself enough time to make it to the venue, but as I pulled into the parking lot of the high school, I was shocked by how many cars were already there. I thought the auditorium would maybe be half full and I could slip into the back, but it was going to be a full house. I attempted to take a quick pic from the parking lot just to show how many cars were there, but it turned out so blurry darn it. I'll still post it here so you can kind of see, but the wind was really blowing my hair around, and I just couldn't risk having it get too messy by trying to get the perfect pic. I also needed to hurry into the building and get a seat, and there was no time for retakes, so I grabbed my purse, straightened my skirt, and then hurried towards the stream of people waking into the front doors of the school.

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