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Wearing a Skirt and Pantyhose to Lowe's

Whenever my wife visits her mother for an extended period of time during the summer, she always leaves me a honey-do list. These lists are always modest, and she really doesn't care if I don't do anything on the list, but it's always good to finish a few things, so I can account for my time better. It just wouldn't do to say, "I'm sorry, honey, but I spent so much time shopping for bras and checking off items on the Lisa-do list the last two weeks that I wasn't able to get to anything on your list."

As a result, I like to accomplish some of the things on the honey-do list cross dressed as a girl to the extent possible, and one of the items on my list was to replace a few sprinkler heads in our yard. I actually wasn't planning to go out tonight as a woman since I arrived home from work rather late, but I thought if I was making a quick trip to Lowe's to buy sprinkler heads, I may as well go as a pretty girl.

Earlier in the day, I was underdressed for work wearing a soft cup bra and panties beneath my clothes, and then instead of my usual socks, I slipped into a pair of nude pantyhose beneath my jeans. It was fun to remove my shoes beneath my desk and rub my feet together clad in pantyhose throughout the day, and I never tire of looking down and seeing my toenails painted, especially when I'm crossing my legs beneath my desk.

After I arrived home from work, I immediately changed into more comfortable clothing (i.e. a cotton blouse and skirt), but I hadn't done anything in terms of makeup or hair. When I finally decided that I needed to go to Lowe's, I just couldn't bare the thought of changing back into guy clothes, and so I decided to quickly apply some simple makeup and then do my hair and go to Lowe's dressed as a girl.

As for my makeup, I hardly wore any since I was going to the hardware store. I did need to draw in my eyebrows, and I wore a dash of lipstick and some mascara, but I didn't do my usual smoky eye look using shades of blue eye shadow. As for my hair, I chose to wear it straight down with bangs in front to create an almost too simple look, and then I popped in my oversized hoop earrings for the final touch. I was a bit worried that I looked too much like my guy self, but for just a visit to the hardware store, I didn't want to go all out.

When I was satisfied with my hair and makeup, I stepped in front of the full length mirror to admire my look. I was already wearing a short-sleeve cotton blouse with ruffle sleeves by Elle in red and a striped jersey skirt, and then I was still wearing the same nylons I put on for work in the morning. The hardware store isn't exactly the sexiest place to wear a skirt and pantyhose, but I just shrugged my shoulders and went for it. After doing one final check of my appearance, I grabbed my purse and cell phone, slipped into my black ballet flats, and then headed for the door.

The sun was quite low in the West as I made the drive over to Lowe's, but I did take a few pictures from the dashboard of my car. I am not making these dash board pics as big as I normally do because I don't want everyone to see me without makeup up close. Sorry, that's just the way we girls are. When I arrived at Lowe's, I was a bit surprised to find some many cars in the parking lot because this was a weeknight. Still, I felt good, and it was great to be out dressed properly, and so I grabbed my purse and headed for the front doors.

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