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Toenails and Panty Liners

As I've anticipated and planned for my extended girl time this July, I've noticed deep down inside an urge to get back to my roots when I really started cross dressing and presenting myself fully en femme about five years ago. For example, I've felt like I wanted to have bangs again. When I first started this web site and posting pictures, my typical hair style consisted of blonde hair with a gentle curl and bangs. I love the volume that bangs adds to my forehead area, and it really balances out my profile to have something above my nose.

A second aspect that I'm starting to long for again are slips, especially full slips. I'm sure my affinity for slips comes from those early memories of my mother where she wore a slip and pantyhose beneath her skirt or dress every day. It's difficult to justify wearing a full slip during the summer, and I may not be able to find a suitable outfit that requires a full slip, but I'm working on the logistics of putting together a photo shoot of me in all of my full slips...outdoors and somewhere in public. If it wasn't bad enough to try and pass in public fully clothed, I'm going to try and find pretty places where I can be outdoors in nothing but a full slip and my panties, so hopefully I'm able to sort that all out.

Finally, as I've thought of things I'd like to accomplish this summer, I'm focusing less and less on actual shopping trips and thinking more and more about events. I'd like to do some outdoors activities like fishing and camping as a girl; I'd like to attend some other events like a lecture series at the library or a free summer concert in the park; and I even want to try and get a pedicure en femme. We'll see if the timing works out for some of my plans, but I suspect that I will be putting together some different blog entries this summer.

But first things first. My partial girl time starts today (I'll blog about why it's partial later), and so I needed to take care of some of the basics. First and foremost, I needed to paint my toenails. I just love looking down at my feet and seeing my toenails painted. Also, early in the mornings when it's time to wake up my sleepy head, I love to poke my feet out from under the covers and admire my painted toenails through my nylons. Even though it's hot during the summer, I always wear pantyhose to bed beneath my nightie as they refresh my legs for the morning, and it's extra feminine gazing at painted toenails when they're shrouded by silky nylons.

After showering this morning and shaving my legs, I did my makeup and hair wearing nothing but bra and panties, and then I sat down on the floor to paint my toenails. If I had real breasts, I would have just painted my toenails in bra and panties, but since I don't (darn it), I pulled on the top I'd wear today, a peach top from Old Navy that the call the Perfect Tee. I thought it would be fun to take some pictures painting my nails there on the bedroom floor, so I'll post a few here.

After my nails were painted, I needed to run an errand to the supermarket to pick up some more panty liners. I've actually been under dressing at work the last week or so, and I've noticed that full pads are much more hot. I tried a panty liner the other day, and it felt so light that I've decided to forego pads for the most part during this hot weather and just let the panty liners protect my panties. I had about 10 panty liners left over from a previous purchase, but I know I'm going to go through a lot more than just 10 over the next few weeks, so I thought I would kick off my July by running to the market for a feminine hygiene purchase.

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