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Independence Month

So today is like one of the most liberating days for me the entire year. Actually, the next three weeks will be pure heaven since I will be home alone as my wife and kids flew to my mother in law's for a three week summer vacation. Every year my wife likes to return home with the kids, and I am fully supportive of the trip since I can stay at home and spend my time as Lisa. I'd like to say that I am Lisa 24/7 while they're gone, but I am a working girl, and sadly, society expects me to be dressed like a boy at work, so I choose to comply with that silly dress code. Still, aside from work, I make a rule for myself that I have to be Lisa the rest of the time. This means I can't leave the house dressed like a boy, and that's totally fine with me. As a result, I am going to keep a running blog the entire three weeks and document in detail my time as Lisa. I will for sure include plenty of pics as I go, and I will reference any other pages I add to my website during this time.

I actually took my family to the airport yesterday evening, said my good-byes, and then came straight home and hopped in the shower to get rid of all that unwanted body hair. My legs were already pretty smooth, and I had actually shaved my armpits a few weeks before, but I pulled out a new razor and took care of the rest of the hair on my body. I had hoped to make it home in time to get myself ready to the point where I could slip on a cami and a mini skirt and go enjoy some fireworks, but it just didn't' work out. So I got out of the shower and slipped into a bra and panties and dressed in my silky pink nightie. I watched some television while I cooled off and then donned a pair of sheer suntan nylons to complete my bedtime wardrobe. I took an inventory of my new clothes and began to schedule what outfits I would wear on what days, and I of course couldn't help trying on different outfits with different bras, pantyhose, shoes, etc. When I finally did crawl into bed, I spent the first night in a long time dressed in pure silkiness.

This morning I could hardly bear to take off my nightie, but I managed to finally do so and hop in the shower. I dressed into a new pair of bra and panties and pulled on my nightie again and went down to the kitchen to make breakfast. I was running late due to the extra time I spent twirling and gazing at myself in front of every mirror in the house, so I hardly had any time to pick out an appropriate outfit for work. I say appropriate because while I am dressed like a boy on the exterior, I am always dressed like a girl underneath. I like to choose a boy shirt that reveals my bra or my natural breasts if you look really close, but I don't want it to be too obvious. Since I didn't have time this morning, I threw on a loose button down shirt that totally masks the fact that I'm wearing a bra. I quickly pulled on a pair of L'eggs suntan pantyhose sheer to waist and then covered my lower half with some tight blue jeans. I never ever wear socks over pantyhose, so I threw on my shoes and headed for the door. It felt so good to sit at my desk and not only feel like a girl underneath but to smell like a girl as well : ).  I also took quick snapshots of my feet without shoes and then unbuttoned my shirt a bit and snuck pictures of my bra and sent them to some girl friends I happened to be chatting with.

After work, I raced home and ate a quick dinner before putting on my make-up. I had an errand to run tonight, and by rule, I had to take care of it as a girl. The errand was to return a Netflix movie at the post office, and I know that I could have simply placed it in my mailbox and raised that cute little red flag, but it's so much more fun to actually walk into the post office lobby with my heels clicking on the tiled floor and drop it into one of their bins.  I dressed in a new short-sleeve crossdressing at the post officetop from Old Navy, and then I paired that with a white gauze skirt that is so fun to wear in the summer.  I was already wearing sheer nude pantyhose, so I slipped on some cute sandals and headed out the door.  I arrived at the post office about 7:15 PM, and much to my dismay, there was nobody there!  The post office closes at 5:30 or so, but there are always people milling about retrieving their mail from PO boxes.  I had really hoped some people were there so I could look out of the corner of my eye and see what type of stares I got, but no such luck.

driving my car while crossdressedOn my way back from the post office, I wanted to find a pretty flower garden to stand in while I took a picture.  I found a wedding reception house with a beautiful rose garden on the side, so I parked my car and put my camera on the trunk and began taking some pictures in the garden, but almost immediately it began to rain, and I really didn't get a pic that I liked.  At least I know the spot now and will frequent it in the next few weeks.  I headed home because I had promised Aimee that I would web cam for her, but not  before I placed my camera on my dashboard and took a pic of me driving.  Aimee and I love to be every day girls, and so we have fun taking pictures of typical situations that a mom would find herself in.

When I arrived home, Aimee wasn't quite ready to cam, so I got out my tripod and took some fun poses of the outfit I was wearing.  I will post those shortly, probably on my closet page which I am redoing so I can post pics of all my clothes there.  When Aimee did come online, I showed her my new outfit, twirled for her, changed tops for her, and we engaged in our usual chit chat.

My first day of Independence month is in the books.  Hopefully I have a new adventure tomorrow.  I'm planning on it.

crossdressing in a flower garden

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