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A Cute Outfit for Summer

One of my favorite activities of course is to go shopping, and there's nothing quite like the anticipation of wearing a new outfit out for the first time. Several months ago, I had the chance to visit a thrift store, and I bought various summer separates that included a skirt and three tops. All of the separates were for the summer, and so I can't wait for summer to come so I can wear my new things.

I had a window of about an hour today, and so I thought I would dash to the thrift store in search of even more summer separates. As for my outfit this morning, I chose to wear one of my new tops from this spring, a tight-fitting teal top with some pretty lace patterns around the shoulders. This top is by DownEast, and it calls for the perfect bra underneath. I've been in a Victoria's Secret mood lately, and so I chose to wear a white Body by Victoria bra underneath this top, and I loved the results.

With the weather turning quite warm, I chose to pair the teal top with the khaki cargo pants I purchased last fall. These cargo pants have gathers and wrinkles in all the right places, and then they have some fun ties near the knees. These cargo pants are so comfortable and light, and they really go with any sort of top, and so they're perfect for the summer. Capping off my outfit, I dug my white summer sandals out of the closet, and after using a pair of sunglasses as an accessory for my hair, I was ready to go.

The thrift store is quite close to my home, and it opens at 10 AM, and I timed it so I would arrive about five minutes after the opening. Despite having just opened, there were still quite a few people milling about, and there were even some mother-daughter combinations out doing some early school shopping. One of the items I was looking for today was a cute, $2 t-shirt that I can wear this summer in order to do some yard work. In particular, I need to do some painting on our deck, and so I'd love a tight fitting tee that is totally disposable yet cute, and so I started my search in the tee shirt area.

I really didn't find that perfect tee that I could wear for doing yard work this summer, and so I next moved to other short-sleeve tops, and there I came across a darling knit top by Ann Taylor that resembles a light sweater. This knit top was in a beige color, and the v-neckline ended in the cutest straight ribbon  woven into the fabric, and while it's the last top I'd ever wear when doing some painting around the home, I go gaga for the Ann Taylor brand and had to at least give it a try. The size of the blouse was M, and that's cutting it a bit close for me, especially with the Ann Taylor line, but I thought I could make it work, and so I removed it from the rack, placed it over my arm, and then headed for the jeans section to find something to match with this cute top.

I suppose I was in the mood for capris because I started at that rack browsing through cotton capris in khaki and white. Nothing really struck me, and when I say nothing, I mean that I'm looking for name-brand clothes for a great price. I next moved to the rack of denim capris and began browsing through my sizes when I found a stunning pair of boyfriend jeans by J Crew. The cuffs of the jeans were wrapped quite high, so I'm not sure if these are technically jeans made out to look like capris, but they had strategic rips in the front and were super cute. I looked at the size and was stunned to see they were a size 28 (in girl's sizes?), but as I held them out away from me, they looked to be my size, and so I threw them over my arm alongside the Ann Taylor top.

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