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A Simple Loaf of Bread

Spring is one of my favorite times of the year with the tulips and daffodils emerging from the ground and all of the pretty blossoms on the trees. Spring would also be a fabulous season for crossdressing. Unfortunately, it's very difficult for me to find quality girl time in the spring because the kids' activities really go into high gear this time of year, and so I struggle to find a few hours where I'm all alone and can dress up like a girl to go out.

I wasn't expecting tonight's opportunity at all, but I found myself on a Friday night with my wife and one of the children a few hours away at an activity and then the other children away from the house playing with friends. I realized a window of about 90 minutes, and so I rushed into the shower and quickly shaved all the right places before toweling myself off and getting ready for an adventure that I had yet to plan out in my head. Even though I wasn't sure where I would go, I knew what I wanted to wear, and so I started the night off by choosing a different color of eye shadow.

Several months ago I had the opportunity to visit the thrift store for a few hours dressed en femme, and I ended up purchasing several tops and a lacey skirt. One of the tops by Ann Taylor was a pretty, lavender short sleeve blouse with subtle gathers around the neckline and sleeves that really give this top a feminine appeal. One other aspect of the top I love that doesn't translate through in pictures is the super soft fabric that contains 5% Lycra. The moment I tried this top on in the fitting room, I knew I would take it simply because it feels so feminine to the touch. After bringing the top home, I noticed that the color matched a particular palette of eye shadow in my wife's makeup drawer, and so I thought it would be fun to borrow her makeup today and shadow my eyes in the same color as my top.

After applying foundation and powder and then doing my eyebrows, it was time to apply the shadow. I like to go for a smoky eye look generally even though my saggy eyes often hide the details of my eye makeup, but this particular palette of eye shadow had three shades with lavender being the darkest, and so I attempted a smoky eye look using lavender hues. I realized soon enough that the hues of this shadow were too light to really create a smoky eye appearance, but I still liked the subtle pink and lavender hues around my eyes, and I loved how it matched my top! I made a mental note to myself that when I get more time, I need to try and color coordinate my nails with the color of my eye makeup.

After finishing my eyes, I reached for my usual pink lipstick and gloss, and my makeup was finished. I didn't really have lots of time to style my hair, so I wore it in a fun, wavy bob with the curls bouncing at my shoulders. I popped in my usual hoop earrings for the final touch, and it was time to complete my outfit. Along with the lavender top, I decided it would be fun to wear my skinny jeans in a coral color with my black ballet flats. Before sliding into my skinny jeans, I donned a pair of Sheer Active Support pantyhose in a suntan color. With the air outside still chilly in the evenings, I wanted the extra warmth of pantyhose, plus I also love to wear nylons beneath tight jeans just for the slippery factor. I doubted that anyone besides me would notice my ankles, but I happen to adore the look of nylons with skinny jeans and flats.

When I was ready, I stood in front of my full length mirror and took a few pictures of my fun outfit. It's hard to take really clear pics at night, and so these pics of my outfit look a bit grainy, but you can still good a good idea of my outfit. One thing that I noticed about this top is the cut is such that the tightest part of the top falls just below my bust line, and then the lower part of the top flares out from there creating a pretty waistline around my mid torso. I've noticed this aspect to tops from Ann Taylor, and it's just another subtle feature that makes me adore brand name clothing and the feminine appearance they provide. After taking some picture of my outfit, I reached for my white coat by American Eagle because the night air was way too chilly to go out in a summer top like this. After checking my look from different angles with my coat in the full length mirror, it was time to grab my purse and scoot out the door since I was on such a tight window.

As I was getting ready, I decided that I would just go to the grocery store for a loaf of bread. I was thinking about an errand that a girl my age would run on a Friday night, and a loaf of bread seemed as good as any. Perhaps I was a mom who was going to cook a yummy French toast breakfast for the kids on Saturday morning. My grocery store of choice tonight for no particular reason was the local Smith's Marketplace. For my last errand, I dashed to the Fresh Market for some new maxi pads, and so I suppose I wanted a change of scenery tonight. As I pulled into the parking lot of the grocery store, I noticed a fair amount of cars, but I wasn't worried about passing since I didn't plan on speaking to anyone, and I was super confident in my look.

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