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A Dream Outfit

I happen to be on Old Navy's email list, and so every morning I'm greeted with a new email highlighting the sale of the day or a new fashion. They really do a wonderful job with their marketing, and if I had the chance to live as a girl 24/7, I would create a clothing budget each month and then pick the cutest fashions from these daily emails. Over the winter, one of the main, new fashions from Old Navy were knit dresses, and I looked forward to each time they introduced a new style.

I particular enjoyed looking at the models and what they were wearing with the dress, and every time that I saw a girl wearing a knit dress with tights and boots, my heart just melted in envy, and I began feeling the strongest urge to put together a similar outfit. Wearing a knit dress for me is difficult because I don't have nearly as many days during the winter season to cross dress, and knit dresses also usually have short sleeves, and so I need to find a day where it's warm enough to wear the dress without my getting too hot, but it can't be too chilly either due to the short sleeves (I know, I know, we girls are picky!).

Well, this morning I found myself with a few hours of potential girl time, and the weather outside was absolutely perfect in terms of wearing a knit dress with tights and boots, and so I jumped on the opportunity to finally wear out in public one of the cutest styles that I observed all winter. This particular knit dress is probably more suited to be worn as a long sweater over jeans or leggings because it is quite short, but I just had to wear it out with tights and boots. Since I was finally able to buy myself a pair of boots last winter during Black Friday shopping, I finally had all the pieces to the outfit to make it work.

I was so excited this morning as I showered and shaved that I felt myself nearly trembling at the thought of going out in such a cute outfit. After my shower, I slipped into a my black bra from Lily of France with matching black panties and then began doing my makeup in hair. It would have been too toasty to wear the dress or tights too early, and besides, doing hair and make up in just bra and panties makes me feel like such a girl. The choice to wear my hair long and with gentle curls was easy, and while I debated back and forth on which earrings to wear, I finally went with the large hoop earrings. As I pulled on the dress and boots and then stood in front of my full length mirror, I couldn't keep the smile off of my face.

After spending about 20 minutes taking pictures with my hair down and then pulled back into a ponytail, I was finally ready to step out into public wearing this adorable outfit. The only problem was...I couldn't think of any place to go. Had I been meeting another girl friend for lunch or shopping, this outfit would have been appropriate but not shopping by myself. If you stop to look around at the other girls, you'd never see one dressed like this out running errands or doing casual shopping in the morning, so I began to panic just a bit fretting over possible destinations while wearing such an outfit.

I literally paced back and forth through my house for about twenty minutes checking all of the details to my outfit, organizing my purse, and then making sure my camera was set, but what I was really doing was stalling because I was at a loss as to where I should go. I've stressed it over and over that I think the best way to pass in public while crossdressed is to look like the other girls your age and wear what they wear, but I wasn't going to find any other girls my age dressed like this unless they were at work. It was at this point that it hit me that I could pose as a working girl and then stop into a store as if I was running a quick errand.

As I began to think of the possible errands I could run, I finally settled on a woman rushing into the grocery store to purchase a package of maxi pads in an emergency. I initially balked at this thought because I recently purchased a new package of maxi pads and I wasn't running low in my supply, but I really couldn't think of any other plausible errand, so with the clock ticking, I finally decided to dash to the local grocery store and pop in for a maxi pad purchase.

The closest grocery store to my house is about eight minutes away, and so I had plenty of time to take selfies from the dashboard of my car. I felt so good in this outfit and so pretty that the pictures turned out great, and I was really excited to make a grand entrance into the supermarket wearing this short knit dress, tights, and boots. As I pulled into the parking lot of the store, I was relieved that the place wasn't too crowded, and so I grabbed my gray Coach purse and headed for the unknown.

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