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Gold Hair with a Gentle Curl (page 2 of 2)

I took the usual selfies from the dashboard of my car as I drove to Kohl's, and I was shocked at how well they turned out. I think you can just see the excitement in my face from these up-close pictures, and in my opinion, the girl inside of me can tell when she's close to the surface because she just beams when she gets an opportunity to go out into public feeling like a princess. As I pulled into the Kohl's parking lot, I wasn't surprised to see it mostly empty since I was out and about on a typical school day.

I know my local Kohl's by heart, and so I parked near the entrance by the shoe department. After looking at the cute shoes, I can then sneak through the men's underwear section (gross!) and get to the back of the lingerie section where they set up all of the clearance racks of bras and panties. The best place in lingerie to take pictures is actually by the mirror where they have the really big girl bras and panties, and so that's why everything is so large behind me in this pic. After perusing through lingerie, it's next off to the chic section where I browse the line of clothing from Elle and J-Lo, and then finally I'm resigned to the women's section where I look for more practical items like jeans or a simple sweater.

As I shopped in Kohl's today, I tried to find some items that I noticed during Black Friday shopping that looked cute, and so I mainly looked at sweaters, in particular twin sets where you have the sleeveless sweater underneath and a cute cardi on top. On this particular morning, I was tempted to try a few things on, but I really wasn't dressed for the occasion. First, I didn't want to mess up my hair, and second, I was wearing a tight tee shirt that is impossible to get off without forcing me to touch my hair back up. I wasn't prepared to do that in a fitting room, and so I just enjoyed the afternoon browsing through all of the shoes, clothes and lingerie feeling like a princess and taking mental notes for future endeavors.

I know this isn't the most exciting of diary entries, but my main focus today was to try out a new hairstyle with a gentle curl and then convey just how exciting it was to experiment with new things and more importantly, make it back out into public crossdressed as a girl. :-)

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