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New Year's Panties!

I hope that everyone had a wonderful holiday season. I noticed during the holidays that things were so busy that I rarely had time to really think about being a girl, but I was able to sneak away for a few hours after New Years, and so I decided to visit one of my favorite destinations, the local Fred Meyer department store.

Two years ago I was able to shop at this store just before Christmas, and I ended up buying myself two pairs of high waist panties from Vanity Fair...a pair in white with a touch of pretty lace and a pair in pink. The pictures that I posted as part of that memorable outing were some of my most well received ever, and I believe on that occasion that I was the most passable that I have ever been (and that's saying quite a bit). So tonight I hoped to relive just a bit of that holiday magic and head to the department store to shop for more panties en femme in order to ring in the New Year on a perfect note.

As for my outfit, one thing that I have been doing regularly when I've had time to dress in my bedroom is put together outfits using a cropped sweater as the outer layer. I have two such cropped sweaters that I purchased at different times from Old Navy, and one is a demure heather gray color while the other is a much brighter coral color. I've been experimenting with these cropped sweaters over summer tops like camisoles and sleeveless blouses in order to create new looks that I can actually wear in the winter time as well. As I was experimenting with this and that in front of my full-length mirror, I decided to try a cropped sweater over a darling white sleeveless dress that I purchased at Kohl's last summer.

At the time, I actually documented quite heavily my search for a white summer dress, and I ended up trying on three different dresses from the Kohl's Junior's section. The dresses were all super cute, and I ended up purchasing one of them, but I just didn't feel comfortable wearing it out in public as is. Let's face it, the dress was designed for a teenager, and I am a woman in my mid-forties, and while some genetic girls my age could pull off the look, I wasn't confident in my ability to do so.

As it turns out, I decided to give that summer dress another try, only this time I would coordinate it with a colder weather sweater, and I really liked the much so that I decided to wear it out tonight to shop for panties. I tried both the gray sweater and the coral sweater and then determined in the end that the coral just worked better. Perhaps it was due to the "younger" look created by the dress and the pretty color of my sweater, but I thought my hair would look better tonight pulled back tightly into a pony tail. The more I posed in front of my mirror from different angles, the more this outfit grew on me, and so I completed it with a pair of nude pantyhose to keep my legs warm and simple brown flats. As for accessories, I popped in my large hoop earrings, and then I even toyed with the idea of wearing eyeglasses, but I ultimately decided against the eyeglasses although I'll post a slightly blurry pic of me with the glasses at the end of this entry (I didn't get a pic that turned out clear, darn it).

The drive to this particular Fred Meyer is about 10 minutes away, and I was thankful for a mild winter night in order to spend a few minutes as a girl. The hustle and bustle of the holidays was over, and the parking lot was maybe a third full when I pulled in. As is the case with this department store, the lingerie section is off in one of the corners, and in order to get there, I have to pass through the Junior's section, the Women's section, and even the Shoe section. I took mental notes as I walked through these departments on my way to lingerie, and I would surely stop at all the departments after I found some panties.

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