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Boots N Jeans for a Quick Errand

After an interesting week of having my wife away yet not being able to get out as a girl during regular daytime hours, I was really dying to find a window in order to just get outside crossdressed as a girl. I had a brief opportunity this morning for about an hour, and sometimes that short span of time seems like too much trouble, but when I have new things to wear and new outfits to try, I just have to get out even if it is for just an hour.

We actually needed a few groceries, so I had a legitimate errand to run, and so I thought it would be fun to head to the Smith's MarketPlace, which has the expected groceries but also has housewares, apparel, and even lingerie! I didn't have tons of time to browse the department store section, but I just wanted to get out in the winter time wearing my new boots. The weather outside was clear, but the air was still quite chilly, and so I decided to wear a long, wool sweater over my outfit. This particular sweater is a conservative crème color and actually falls right around my mid-thigh area. It has buttons all the way from the top to bottom, and if I had a really skinny body, I think I could get away wearing just this sweater as a sweater dress with tights and my boots. I wasn't that confident in my look today, however, so I opted for a more casual look wearing this sweater over a simple top and blue jeans.

As for my top, over the summer I purchased what Old Navy calls a Perfect Tee in a pretty peach color. There really is nothing fancy about the tee. It has short sleeves, a gentle rounded neck, and thin cotton fabric. There's just something about it, however, that always makes me want to wear it, and I really loved how it went with my new blue jeans from Old Navy. As I have been testing out various combination of winter outfits the last few weeks, I noticed that this particular sweater is extremely toasty, and so I wanted to counter that by wearing a light summer top underneath. If I was going to be spending a lot of time outdoors in the chilly air, I would have bundled up more, but knowing that I would be inside for the majority of this outing, I decided to dress light underneath.

Along with the perfect tee in peach, I just had to wear out my new jeans purchased during Black Friday shopping. There is nothing at all fancy about these particular jeans, but that was definitely the look I was trying to achieve this morning: simple mom out running a quick errand. As for an extra benefit that most moms out that morning didn't take advantage of, I wore a sheer pair of pantyhose in a suntan shade beneath my jeans making everything feel better underneath. The final piece to my outfit puzzle were my new boots, and this would be the first time that I'd actually get to wear them out, and I was super excited that I would be able to wear them over blue jeans and nylons. The boots also look great with black tights and a short dress or skirt that ends above my knees, but I'm going to have to find another occasion to wear such an outfit. This morning my purpose was a quick dash to the supermarket, so boots over blue jeans would work out perfectly.

I really needed to spend more time on my makeup and hair, but I was rushed this morning, so I chose to go with a bit less makeup and simple, straight hair parted down the middle. As I was trying to keep my hair in place, the right half just didn't seem to cooperate, so I retrieved a big red clip barrette to keep that side out of my face, and after popping in my large hoop earrings, I grabbed my gray coach purse and other essentials and headed for the door.

The drive to this Smith's Marketplace is about 10 minutes, and so I tried to get some good photos from the dashboard of my car. Sometimes the low sun in the winter provides for good photo opportunities from my car, but I just couldn't get a good angle today as I traveled to Smiths. It seems like there was plenty of light from my lips down, but the upper half of my head was always in the shadows. I did find one pic taken from straight on that actually shows an SUV behind me, so I'll choose that one to post for today's diary entry. (Note to self: taking selfies while operating a motor vehicle is extremely dangerous, even if you are dressed like a girl.)

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