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Early Morning Run To Replenish My Maxi Pads

It's been an interesting week for me with my wife being away and the kids at home. Normally when my wife is gone for a week like this, I can manufacture plenty of girl time by taking advantage of the first few hours in the morning after sending the kids to school, but with this being the week of Thanksgiving, the kids only attended school two days. Still, I identified a small window this morning that would allow me to sneak out fully en femme and make a quick trip to Walmart.

While I've had little girl time this week due to the holiday, I have been under dressed the entire time, and when I wear panties, I usually line them with a pantyliner or a maxi pad. I often get asked why I use maxi pads and pantyliners, and the simple answer is that I want to keep my panties as clean and pristine as possible. As I result, I will change my pad several times a day to stay fresh, so when I under dress for an entire week straight, I will easily go through half a package of pads (I buy Always Ultra Thins in packs of 44).

This morning I felt as if I had about an hour to dash to Walmart to pick up a new package of pads, and a little bit of girl time is certainly better than no girl time. With my kids still in bed on this Saturday morning, I woke up just before 7 AM and washed my face. Still wearing my pink nightie, I quickly put on my makeup, and when I go out extremely early in the morning, I try and wear as little makeup as possible. I still took care of the important features of my face and then changed into a simple outfit that a mom would wear on a Saturday morning.

For my top I chose a long white sleeve tee, and the best thing about this top is that it really shows off my bra underneath. I made sure to wear a bra that would look pretty from behind, and then I paired my white tee with the blue jeans that I bought at Old Navy on Black Friday. I also bought a cute pair of boots, but I determined that a woman wouldn't wear dressy boots for a quick errand like this, so I decided instead to wear my black Nike flip flops with my pantyhose. I was still wearing my active support pantyhose in suntan from the night before, and since I absolutely love suntan pantyhose and denim, I took a few poses of my outfit without any shoes. The final piece of my outfit was a cute gray knit hat that I've been wearing here and there this winter.

After making sure that my kids were still asleep, I grabbed my gray Coach purse and the appropriate cameras and then headed for the garage. I waited for the furnace to go on before I pressed the button to open the garage just in case any of the kids were sleeping lightly. I was committed at this point, however, even if one of them woke up, so I quickly backed out of the driveway and headed for Walmart. The sun had yet to rise in the East, but there were enough clouds in the sky that I knew it was going to be a gorgeous sunrise. I wish I had a camera to capture the scene better, but this pic of my in the parking lot at Walmart will have to do.

By the time I entered Walmart, it was about 7:30 AM. I actually expected more people to be here since it was the Saturday after Thanksgiving, but there were maybe a dozen cars in the parking lot. After taking some pics with the sunrise in the background, I scurried into Walmart and headed for the beauty and accessories section to find some pads. At this time in the morning, Walmart still funnels everyone in and out of the entrance by the food, and so I had to walk across the entire store to find the pads. As I approached the wall with the feminine hygiene products, I noticed out of the corner of my eye a guy actually looking at makeup items! He quickly vacated the area as I got close, but it's always nice to see someone else kinda wired like me. :-).

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