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Wearing Track Pants to Walmart

The opportunity to dress like a girl tonight and go out literally came at the last minute, so I had little time to prepare for any sort of an adventure. When I found out that I did have just enough time to get ready and make a quick trip to Walmart, I took full advantage because during the winter and spring months, I don't get as many chances to dress as other times of the year.

Tonight I found myself home with the kids while my wife was away attending to her mother, and since it wasn't a school night, I figured that any cross dressing that would take place would have to be confined to my bedroom after hours since my kids love to enjoy a late night. While we were playing games at the kitchen table, however, one of my kids began yawning about 10 PM, and then the yawns became contagious to the point where everyone agreed that we may as well just go to bed. Around 10:15, the kids had all brushed their teeth and entered their bedrooms with the doors closed, and so I dashed into my own room, washed my face, and began to apply my makeup.

As is usually the case when I'm alone with the kids, I was fully underdressed wearing a pair of women's track pants by Danskin over a pair of taupe pantyhose, and as I did my makeup in front of the mirror, I realized that a mom going out late at night for a quick errand to Walmart would likely be wearing a pair of track pants and a simple top. I thought to myself "why not?", and while a pair of track pants is about the last item you'd expect someone to cross dress, my goal is to fit in with the other women my age, and it only made sense that a mom like me would be relaxing at home in track pants and a tee shirt and then realize that she needed to dash to Walmart for a few items. At that point, I'd assume she'd throw on a winter coat, grab her purse, and then scoot out the door, and so that's the attitude with which I approached tonight's spur of the moment outing.

While I was wearing women's track pants all evening over panties and pantyhose, I wasn't wearing a totally feminine top, and so after doing my makeup and hair, I changed my tee shirt for a more feminine top although I still kept it simple changing into my white cotton tee by Izod. Along with the simple top and bottoms, I completed my look with a super cute winter coat in white from American Eagle. This coat was actually purchased by my wife, but the size is in XL, and I have no idea why she would purchase a coat that fits me, but she never wears it, and I wasn't about to complain. As I donned the coat over my simple outfit and stood in front of my full length mirror, I knew that I had achieved the perfect look for a late night dash to Walmart.

The closest Walmart to my house is about five minutes away, which is good because I left the house at about 10:50 PM. The parking lot was mostly empty, and so I chose a spot that would make it easy to take pictures from the parking lot without standing out too much. When it gets late, Walmart funnels everyone into a single entrance, and so there was some traffic going in and out, but I was just enjoying the moment and I picked out a cart and placed my purse in the front basket area. My list included whole milk, toothpaste, body soap, and eye makeup remover. I was also running fairly low on maxi pads, but I still had enough to last for several days, and so I decided that I would come back later just for pads since that is kind of a special errand in and of itself.

As I worked my cart through the aisles, I quickly identified to distinct groups of people: younger couples who were out grocery shopping after putting the kids into bed (there were also some moms by themselves) and then groups of kids around twenty years old in hoodies with nothing better to do and nowhere better to go. For obvious reasons, I steered clear of the younger kids but was completely comfortable mingling with the other adults. After picking up the milk, I next weaved my way over to the aisles with beauty products, and on the way, I stopped near housewares by the mirrors and took a few selfies in the mirrors. I wonder if the folks in security have caught onto me by now...girl comes in, picks up a few items, goes to the mirrors and takes selfies, and then goes over to lingerie and takes more selfies while shopping for bras (yes, I will post a selfie from the bra section on the next page!). Since I'm not doing anything illegal, I actually feel quite carefree taking the selfies, and I was just enjoying myself as I collected the items on my list one by one.

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