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Mailing Wendy Her New Bra and Panties

The other day I blogged about shopping for a new bra and panty set for my girl friend Wendy, and while shopping for the lingerie was fun, I still needed to send Wendy her new gift. As I mentioned, Wendy is a stay at home mom, and while it's generally safe to send things to her any day of the week, there are always those variables in place that can create risky windows. I mean, can you imagine the look of astonishment on her spouse's face if she were to open up a package from a "Lisa" that contained bra and panties? As a result, leading up to my shopping excursion, Wendy and I set a certain date on when I would send the package to her by 2-day air so that it would arrive in a safe window of time when just Wendy was home.

If I'm going to shop for a girl friend en femme then I certainly have to mail her the package en femme as well, and so I found a small window of opportunity on the day I needed to mail the package where I could dress up as a girl and dash to the post office. Since I would be taking care of the errand in the AM, I needed to find an outfit that a typical mom would wear on a chilly fall morning. At least the sun was out this morning, and it wasn't super cold because I'm not really prepared fashion-wise for the winter, and I have some fun plans set up for the next few months, but I'll worry about shopping for winter clothing I needed to send Wendy her bra and panties!

For my outfit, I chose a long sleeve floral top from Rue21 with a pretty lace v-neck, and while I know I'm too old to really wear anything from that store anymore, I just can't seem to get rid of this particular top. The top is a crème color, and so I need to wear a white bra underneath, so I chose my favorite bra of late, a Maidenform bra in a size 36C. I was super pleased with the look of my top and bra, and so I decided to pair it with my new cargo pants. I was quite sure there wouldn't be any other moms out there in cargo pants, but it was sunny outside, and I thought it was a cute look. I slipped into a pair of sheer, nude pantyhose before stepping into my cargo pants, and I think the flash of my camera actually enhances the look of my nylons in this picture, but in real life, I felt that my pantyhose were quite stealthy.

Since my top and cargo pants were crème and beige, I decided to wear my brown mary jane flats in order to complete the outfit. My hair and makeup went smoothly, and I opted for just a simple look with my hair parted to either side and falling down straight to my shoulders. My large hoop earrings completed the look, and so I carefully packed the bra and panties for shipping using the Vanity Fair bag I received when I purchased them. I didn't have a box or envelope with which to ship them yet, so I needed to dash to the store before visiting the post office. I had Wendy's address written down on a sticky note, so I grabbed my purse and Sharpie before heading out the door.

Due to my short window of opportunity today, I was really focused on just fulfilling the errand, and I really didn't have time to fuss or be nervous about others around me, and so I found the closest parking stall to the front doors and then scooted into the store and located the aisle with the office supplies. This particular supermarket didn't have any small boxes that I could fold into shape and use, and so I had to settle for a large envelope lined with bubble wrap. Bras and panties certainly aren't fragile items, but I mostly worried that the padding in the cups of the bra would kind of get bent out of shape, but I was really pressed for time, so I purchased the bubble wrap envelope since it was my only option.

I paused just for a moment out in the parking lot of the store and took a quick picture holding the envelope, and then I was off to the post office. Once again, due to time constraints, I pulled into the nearest parking stall at the post office and then headed through the doors into the lobby. At our local post office, the PO boxes and utility counters are to the right, and then the main shipping area with the post office staff on hand is to the left. I headed right and set the envelope and my purse down on the counter because I needed to pack the bra and panties as well as write Wendy's address down on the envelope. The post office was actually bustling with people, but I had my back turned to most of them as I took care of the package. After writing down the address and before actually putting the lingerie inside, I took pictures from the lobby both with the envelope and with the Vanity Fair bag that contained the bra and panties. When I felt I had some good poses, I carefully tucked the gift inside the envelope and then sealed it up.

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