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Gardening in Bra and Panties

I was going crazy in the days following my last blog entry. I had just purchased four new tops, but I had only tried two of them on in the fitting room at the store, and I wasn't wearing the appropriate bra for those tops when I did wear them. One of my very favorite subtleties about being a girl is matching a top with the perfect bra, so I was just dying for some girl time to pull out my bra drawer and my new clothes and determine which bra to wear with which top.

I finally got a chance today when my wife had to take one of our kids a fair distance away for a recital that would take a total of five hours including drive time. Since it was a Saturday, I had other kids at home, so I wasn't able to spend the day as Lisa, but I did have plenty of time to try on my new tops with various bras and pick out the perfect combinations. Pics in these new clothes will come around July, but it was so exciting to be standing in front of the mirror and trying on bra after bra with top after top.

my new bra in 36BAnyway, one of my tasks for the day was to get our garden planted, and while I couldn't do it dressed up like a girl on the outside, I made sure to be properly dressed underneath. I had so much fun wearing the tight t-shirt I mentioned in my last blog entry that I decided to wear it again today as I gardened. As for my bra, I chose one of my newer bras which is a white 36-B bra from Hanes Her Way. The bra has a gentle underwire and lacey straps, but one of my favorite features is the adjustable straps in the back. Many times girls will wear colored shirts that don't show their bras, but you can still see the adjustable straps along the shoulder blades. This is the same type of bra, so while my bra wasn't entirely visible through my gray t-shirt, I definitely noticed the impression of the straps running across each shoulder blade.

I matched the bra with a pair of white satin panties that I like to refer to as my working panties since they are rather large and worn after wearing them for nearly a decade. They're also definitely not pretty anymore, so I don't mind wearing them for rougher activities like working in the yard. As for my shorts, it was a sunny day outside, and I wanted to take advantage of some time in the sun, so I chose the shortest pair of walking shorts that I have. With short styles for guys these days ending at the knee, these shorts weren't too much higher than that.

I opted not to wear pantyhose since I wanted some sun on my arms and legs, so I headed to the nursery wearing a t-shirt and shorts with a bra and panties underneath. As I walked in, I noticed an older couple from our neighborhood who also had gardening on their mind, so without a hitch, I said hello to them and talked to them briefly. I doubt they noticed my bra, but I acted as natural as possible during our conversation. After we parted, I gathered up some vegetable starts and headed for home.

As you've probably noticed in many of my pics, my skin is extremely fair. The result is that I freckle more than I suntan, so I have to be really careful out in the sun. I am so envious of other girls with great complexions who tan well because spaghetti straps or sleeveless tops look SO good on them. But, life isn't fair, and we all have our foibles, so my strategy is to avoid those ugly male tanlines as much as possible. As a result, I always wear long sleeve shirts in the sun. The result is darker hands and a darker face, but at least I can control the tone of my face with a good foundation (gotta LOVE makeup).

Today, however, I determined that I would sun my arms from the shoulders down since I'd like a little bit of color, and this was a method that would avoid a tanline at my bicep. Of course I would have loved to have removed my shirt altogether, but that wouldn't have been appropriate since there was no way I wasn't going to wear a bra. It was at this point that I discovered a new subtlety that makes being a girl so great. As I pulled up my short sleeves over my shoulders, I realized that I had seen girls do this before and actually tuck their sleeves underneath their bra straps to keep their sleeves from falling down. OMG, I cannot describe the feeling that swept over me when I tucked my own sleeves up and under my bra straps just as I had seen so many other girls do.

I practically skipped my way to the garden because I felt so girly after having found another practical use for my bra. I spent the next few hours planting our garden all the while with my sleeves remaining firmly tucked above my shoulders thanks to my bra. At one point, my next door neighbor noticed me outside and came over to chat. I'm not sure if he noticed by bra, but I wasn't going to put my sleeves down for just anyone. I did notice throughout the day that pulling my sleeves up over my shoulders did seem to enhance the bulge at my chest, but I don't' think my neighbor even thought to look.

I was so carefree that day because I was able to work most of the day while wearing a bra and panties. It reminded me of when I was very young and I would borrow my sister's socks and just dance around the house because I felt so happy. Socks are such simple items--especially the cotton socks I would borrow from my sister, but just the fact of being able to wear girls things gives me an indescribable feeling, even if it is just something simple like a bra and panties underneath my boy clothes.

Here are pictures of my new tops that you will surely see me modeling in the next month or so.

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