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Final Halloween Errand Crossdressed

In my last diary entry, I talked about buying a Halloween costume en femme, and then when I got home and tried it on, I noticed that the witches costume didn't include a hat. That's kind of an important accessory for a witch costume, and so the night before I met Heidi for our Halloween witches photo shoot, I dashed over to Walmart to look for a black witches hat. I had also run out of Lady Speedstick, so I thought I would take care of the errands with one late night trip at the last minute.

With the weather cooling the further we get into Autumn, I decided to wear a sweater that I purchased last year at Kohl's from their J-Lo collection. This particular sweater is a bit sheer; yet, it's made out of wool, and so it's nice and toasty. I've worn this sweater out before in the fall and winter, but I've always worn a camisole underneath it because the fabric was a bit sheer, and then the sweater also has two teardrop-shaped slits near either shoulder right where a woman's bra strap would normally run. I felt like having a camisole on underneath would be more tasteful, but I thought since it was a bit late at night tonight that I could just wear the sweater over a white bra as-is and get away with it since It would appear as a more hurried look.

I have a bra that I bought from Target a few years ago with demi cups, and so the straps as they lead up from the cups are already at the side of my torso as they climb to my shoulders. If I wore this demi bra just right then the bra straps wouldn't prominently run up through the cute teardrops, and so I decided to wear this sweater/bra combination and venture out to Walmart to pick up the items I needed. After changing into the demi bra, I pulled on the sweater and was quite pleased with the way it looked. The teardrop openings were still cute, and while my bra was prominent beneath the sweater, I didn't feel as if it was distasteful.

Satisfied with my upper half, I pulled on my pink skinny jeans over a pair of sheer nylons since the silky nylons help my legs adjust properly inside the tight jeans. I completed the outfit by slipping into my black ballet flats and then admired the look in my full length mirror. I thought that I could detect some semblance of an hour-glass figure in the skinny jeans and sweater, and so I made a mental note that I should probably wear tight jeans more often.

The night was quite stormy, and while rain wasn't falling yet, I didn't want to wear my hair long and straight because there's no doubt it would have been blown around in the wind, and so I wore it shorter today and had it flared out to either side at the bottoms. I plopped in my favorite hoop earrings, borrowed a white purse from my wife that matched my sweater, and then I was out the door heading towards Walmart in search of a witches hat and a feminine hygiene item.  On the drove over to Walmart, I took a few pics from the dashboard of my car, and some how one of my bra straps happened to peek through one of the teardrop openings, but I didn't mind too much.  ;-)

I arrived at Walmart about 9:30 PM and found a good parking space near the front of the store. There weren't a lot of people milling about due to the wind and the coming storm, but I was mostly concerned about running into the safety of the store without my hair turning into a rat's nest. I held my hand tightly over my hair holding it in place as I dashed in my best girl jog into the safety of Walmart. Once inside, I actually used the security monitor placed over the entrance and camera to rework my hair, and then it was off to the pharmacy area to pick up some Lady Speed Stick. My witches costume was quite tight, and the last thing I needed during my photo shoot with Heidi in the morning were sweat marks on my armpits, and so I first headed for the deodorant aisle. It's interesting how scents and colors and designs on feminine hygiene products change all the time, and so it's difficult to find the same kind of scent that you enjoyed before. I did find one quickly that I liked, however, so it was next off to the Halloween section to find a witches hat.

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