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Shopping for a Halloween Costume Crossdressed

As I blogged about recently, my friend Heidi Phox and I met on an October morning and did a photo shoot at this darling village decorated in Halloween style and featuring lots and lots of witches. Heidi and I thought it would be fun to dress as witches ourselves and then take pictures in the village. In the past, I have dressed like a girl for Halloween, but I had never dressed in a girl costume before as a girl, and so the prospect of putting together a witch costume was so exciting. I couldn't imagine shopping for the costume dressed as anything but a girl, and so as soon as Heidi and I determined a date that would work for both of us, I found a night when I was able to dress en femme and visit the local Halloween City for a witch costume.

I already knew what I wanted to wear to Halloween City, and thankfully the Autumn weather in our location has been so mild that I was able to go out in a really casual outfit befitting of a regular mom shopping for a costume. As for my top, I chose a navy cotton half sleeve tee with small horizontal white stripes and a cute swath of ruffles running vertically down the blouse. I didn't get a chance to wear this top in the summer, probably because the half sleeves would have been too toasty, and I was having so much fun with shorter sleeves and camisoles. I was happy, though, to be able to wear this top again, and I thought it would look perfect paired with a cotton gray jersey skirt that I purchased at Gordman's over the summer. This particular skirt actually creates a full circle when laid on the floor, and so the extra fabric causes the skirt to fall loosely around my lower half creating a semblance of actually having pleats. It's such a comfortable and carefree skirt that feels great with freshly shaved legs.

Since my top and skirt were both cooler colors, I decided to slide into my black ballet flats to complete the outfit, but not before slipping some nylon booties around my feet. As for my hair, I parted it at the side and then wore it poufy at the bottoms for a conservative look and instead of my large hoop earrings, for some reason I chose to go with a smaller pair of hoops with an engraved pattern. Since I made this journey at night, I decided against sunglasses on my head, but I did put a pair of normal eyeglasses in my purse because it's a look that I want to experiment with in the future. With my outfit settled, I borrowed a gray Coach purse from my wife and headed for the door excited to be shopping for a girl's Halloween costume while dressed as a girl!

The drive to Halloween City was about 15 minutes away, and so I was able to snap plenty of dashboard pictures as I drove. Night time dashboard pics don't look nearly as good as the pics in the daytime due to the poor lighting, but I will post one here anyway to give you a close-up of my look for the evening. As I drove into the parking lot of the store, I was relieved to see about five other cars, but that's about what I expected at eight o'clock at night on a school night. The doors to this particular store were both propped open, and so I could see the customers milling about inside, but I just walked in as if I belonged and began searching for the witch costumes paying little attention to anyone else.

I was a little bit surprised at just how few witch costumes they had available. Prior to coming to the store, I had done some searching for witch costumes online and came across one that I thought would be super fun. I'll post a thumbnail here to give you an idea, but it's a costume for a sexy witch that has lace puff sleeves, a belt that comes just below the bust line, and then a very short skirt that requires a petticoat. The cost of the sexy witch costume was about $54 online, but I thought to myself it would be worth it just to watch Heidi's eyes pop out of their sockets when she saw me. Fortunately for Heidi and my pocketbook, they didn't have anything resembling this sexy witch costume, and what's more, they only had two different styles of witch costumes altogether. I was quite disappointed actually and thought about giving Walmart a try, but I reasoned with myself that only 1% of Walmart customers could actually fit into the sexy witch costume, and so they likely didn't carry it.

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