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Simple Errands and Shoe Shopping

Today I was fortunate enough to find another small window that enabled me to get back into public cross dressed as a woman, and so I wanted to take full advantage of the situation even though I didn't have a lot of time. Our family car needed more fuel, and so I definitely wanted to fulfill that errand dressed as a girl, and then I decided to visit a store that I haven't been to in about three years, Payless Shoe Store.

Here in the West, we are enjoying wonderful fall weather, and it's almost been borderline too hot. The sun was out in full force again today, and so I decided to wear a simple short-sleeved top and some girl shorts. I'm finding now that my girl time is becoming sparse in comparison to the summer months, I'm trying to make more of the opportunities when they do come, and so I try to enhance as much as I can. Specifically, I had a strong urge today to wear a matching bra and panties, and so after a quick shower, I decided to get back in black and slip into my Lily of France black bra and matching black silk panties.

With my black bra and panties, I couldn't wear a light top, and so I chose one of my very favorite casual tops, a pretty green floral print tee by Ann Taylor. This tee goes well with anything in a solid color on my lower half, and so I slipped into a pair of khaki shorts with a 4" seem that I bought at Kohl's. I love to start off my blogs by showing off my outfits, and I chose this particular pic because you can barely see a hint of my bra strap peeking out from behind the top.

With the warm weather, I am having a ball pulling my hair back tight and into a half bun half ponytail at the base of my head, and so I went with this same style again today. It's fun to learn new hairstyles and then finally get to the point where you're comfortable wearing a new style out in public. After popping in my favorite hoop earrings and then placing a pair of sunglasses atop my head as an accessory, I grabbed my fun basket purse, stepped into my leather strappy sandals that show off my pretty red toenails, and headed for the door.

It's extra fun to drive the family car dressed as a girl because I really feel like a mom when I do so, and the first stop on my journey today was Costco so I could fill up the car. It's so fun to save errands for when I can perform them as a girl, and that's probably why I always find myself at my favorite pump posing as I wait for the car to be filled up. I wanted to get some fun poses of my hair from behind, and so I'll post a few of the better pictures at the pumps here.

After filling up my SUV, it was off to Payless for a bit of shoe-shopping. The closest Payless to my house is mixed in with all of the other usual stores I shop at, and so it was a short drive from Costco to the shoe store. There were two other cares in front of the store, and so I was a bit relieved as I entered. The sales lady on hand was helping a woman find some children's shoes, and then the other customers were a mother daughter looking at shoes for the daughter. Since I need shoes in the size 10 - 11 range, I was on one side of the aisle while they were way down on the other side in the 6 - 7 range ,and I really don't think they paid me any special attention.

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