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Dressed Down at the Grocery Store

As luck would have it, tonight I had a brief window to dress as a girl with my wife away for the evening with the kids, and so I thought I would take advantage by dressing up fully en femme. There were certain errands that my wife asked me to run since she knew that I would have a free evening, and so I saved the grocery shopping for last, so I could go do that one as a girl.

After running a few of the errands as a guy, I came home and quickly took a shower where I shaved my legs and armpits and then attempted to cool down a bit. The high temperature today was 89 with a bit of humidity in my area, and so I was having a bit of difficulty cooling down after my earlier errands and hot shower. I decided to wear as little as possible for my excursion tonight, so I pulled my frilly camisole from Ralph Lauren out of the closet and decided to go with that. This camisole has two layers, an extremely sheer outer layer and then a crème colored half slip underneath, and it's such a feminine garment in both the way it feels and the way it looks.

I like to wear my white Maidenform bra beneath this cami because the straps of this bra are super thin. If the straps happen to peak outside of the camisole, at least someone will see that I'm wearing a pretty, feminine bra with narrow straps. Most of the time, however, the straps of this bra will stay hidden, and so it was a win-win situation for me no matter what. After doing my makeup in my bra, cami, and a pair of panties, I hadn't cooled down to the point where I felt as if I could wear anything and not feel hot, and so I tied my hair up tightly and pulled it back into a half ponytail, and then I slipped into my favorite summer short-shorts to complete the look.

I added a pair of sunglasses on top of my head as an accessory, and then I took several poses of me in this outfit. I took a pose of my profile so I could see how I looked from the side, an angle that I usually shy away from when it comes to posting pictures; I took a pose of me lifting up the outer layer of the camisole so you can get a good look at the silky inner slip; and then I took a pose of me adjusting my bra strap beneath the camisole. I felt so feminine in this frilly outfit that I probably got a bit carried away in front of the camera. :-)

When I was done with my photo shoot, I grabbed my purse and headed for the door. The sun was very low in the western sky as I was driving to my local Fresh Market, and so my dashboard picture shows half of my face with light on it and the other half with more shadow, but I was just happy to be outside dressed as a girl again. I made sure to drive like a girl as well with both hands on the wheel, and I went extra slow just so I could take it all in. When I arrived at the grocery store, I found the closest parking stall, parked my car, grabbed my purse, and then walked with confidence into the store not trying to time my entrance based on traffic coming in and out of the store. I did feel a little bit of trepidation because so much of my skin was exposed. It's one thing to wear the short-shorts at my age, but it's quite another when I pair them with this camisole that has such a low neck and back. Furthermore, I had my hair pulled up tightly away from my body, so I was a little bit worried that I might draw some unwanted attention.

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