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Black Bra and Panties Underneath at the Grocery Store

After another wonderful summer, my Autumn girl adventures will mostly consist of short sessions where I can cherry pick a few hours of girl time here and there. These sessions will continue on for the next few months when it's looking like I may get another full two weeks of quality girl time around November. I will have my kids at home to work around, but the majority of my adventures occur anyway among the other moms while the kids are at school, so I'm sure that won't affect anything greatly. In the meantime, I found a couple hours of freedom this morning, and so I took full advantage of it running yet another errand crossdressed.

Last night, my wife called and asked me to pick some things up from the grocery store before she returns home, and so I immediately began putting an outfit together in my mind so I could fulfill the task completely en femme. With today being a Saturday and my window of girl time coming in the morning, I knew that I would have to pose as a casual-looking mom scurrying to the supermarket before the day really got going. For some reason I decided that it would be fun to wear black lingerie this morning, and so I hopped in the shower and shaved my armpits and legs before slipping into a black bra and matching silk panties.

As for my outer clothing, I decided on a reddish theme today slipping into my red short sleeve top by Elle and then complementing that with a pair of flowery shorts with a white background and pattern of small red flowers. These particular shorts have a 4" inseam, and I think that there is enough interference from the pattern of small flowers that you can't really tell that I'm wearing black panties beneath white shorts. I'm also posting a pic from behind and you can see a hint of my black bra beneath my red top. It's interesting because from the front, the outline of my bra showing through my top actually looks white, but I was definitely all back in black this morning.

I completed my look with my favorite summer sandals that I bought at Gordman's last July. These sassy sandals show off my painted toenails, and the multiple straps really provide for a super cute look. I didn't do much with my hair, and it seemed a bit flat, but since this was a Saturday morning adventure, I thought a simplified hair style would work perfectly with the environment I was about to enter. My outfit was super simple and easy, and so I was out the door in such good time causing me to calculate whether or not I would be able to make another stop after the supermarket.

I decided to go to the local Smith's since they have good produce and my wife wanted me to purchase several produce items. This particular Smith's is a short drive, and I also got to borrow my wife's SUV for the excursion. She had a pair of gray sunglasses in the car, and so I tried them on and snapped a few pics. I'm not sure how I like them on me, but it was fun to at least give them a try. As I pulled into the parking lot, I noticed a few cars, but this supermarket is so big that I knew I would have a very relaxing morning of shopping. After giving my face one final glance in the rear view mirror, I grabbed my basket purse and was off with a bound into the grocery store.

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2/2 Black Bra Day

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