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A Compliment at Walgreens

One of the most pleasing comments that I receive in emails actually comes in the form of a question: Is that your real hair? From time to time I will mention that I do wear wigs, and I even offer an article in my cross dressing tips and advice section outlining little things that I do to increase the natural look of my hair, so it could be that readers posing the question are fairly new to my site. Regardless, I love the comment/question because if someone has to ask the question, it means that my hair looks natural. I've never used a wig that was more than about $200, and the key to having passable hair is not in the price of the wig; rather, it's ones ability to style it so that it looks like a natural hair style.

In order to achieve the most natural look as possible, I like to use accessories like a pair of sunglasses perched atop my head, a clip to hold my hair into a ponytail, or a barrette that keeps my longer bangs in check. So this morning when I had a small window to dress en femme and run a few errands, I decided to try a new twist to my hair, which was to add a barrette with a pretty rose to the side of my hair in order to keep my bangs from flopping forward. With just a few hours of free time, I didn't have the chance to go to far and so I decided to stay close to home today and dash to Old Navy to look at their new fall line of skirts and then stop into Walgreens for some milk and possibly some new mascara.

I wanted to keep my look casual this morning despite the rose in my hair, and so I opted for my Minnie Mouse t-shirt and paired it with the new cotton maxi skirt from Gordman's that I purchased in July. This skirt has diagonal stripes alternating in black and white, and I thought the color scheme went well with the bow in Minnie's hair and the same black and white polka dot pattern on her blouse. I don't know if anyone out in public noticed that I was matched with Minnie, but I knew, and it was a fun addition to my morning. Along with the Minnie tee and cotton maxi skirt, I decided to go without nylons yet again, and so I completed my casual Saturday morning look with my new white strappy sandals that highlighted my painted toenails.

It's funny how having a window of girl time can make one wake up earlier than usual, but that was the case with me today, and so I was out the door around 9:30 AM had headed for Old Navy first. I get email updates daily from Old Navy regarding their sales, etc. and it always seems that the really good sales or mega clearance events happen when I can't dress as a girl, and the contents of today's email focused on the new fall line of skirts and dresses. I could tell from the pics that floral patterns are making a comeback, and the fabric of the skirts and dresses is shifting again to the more silky fabric that girls like us adore, and so I was excited to see what Old Navy had.

The store wasn't crowded at all as I entered, and the skirts and dresses in question where right there at the entrance. I thought there were some fun colors and patterns, but goodness, the prices weren't too much fun. The skirts started at $25 and then everything went up from there, and that is just too much for me to pay, especially near the end of my summer season where I have already spent lots of money on new clothes.

After looking at the new skirts and dresses, I made my way deeper into the store looking at the tops, jeans, tees, etc. that I was already so familiar with. I also browsed through the clearance area a bit, but nothing really caught my mind. I did locate the full length mirror at the end of the jeans wall in order to take a selfie, and I also noticed a wide selection of pumps near the jeans. Someday it would be fun to wear jeans and chic pumps out in public, but I have to get over my fear of heights if you know what I mean. ;-) I spent about 25 minutes in Old Navy but decided not to purchase anything, and so I next headed for Walgreen's which was a three minute drive away.

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