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In Search of a Faux Camisole

Earlier this winter, I had a few hours to myself in the morning, and so I went to the local thrift shop to find some tops that I could wear with a black bra. As you know, I wear white bras a majority of the time beneath my tops, but like any girl I suppose, there are times when I feel as if it would be fun to be a bit adventurous and wear black lingerie for a change, and so I purchased two tops that I thought would be perfect to wear over a black bra while still maintaining the proper look of a lady.

I've already put one of the tops to good use as recently demonstrated this summer on a shopping errand to Lowe's, but I've yet to wear the second top due to it's super low neckline. In the picture at right taken from the fitting room, you can see that my phone actually blocks the area where the v-neck reaches its lowest point, and that was strategic on my part because I wasn't completely presentable in that area for such a low cut blouse. Furthermore, I'm positive that this blouse was designed to be layered over a camisole, but in the summer, a cami or tank underneath just adds one more layer that can make things get uncomfortable and steamy, so I want to wear this blouse with just a black bra underneath.

In order to accomplish this, I would either have to show a lot more cleavage than I'm comfortable with, or I could try a solution that my girlfriend, Danielle, once told me about, which is using a faux camisole. A faux cami basically looks like an oversized thong and the two ends clip onto both bra straps with the triangular section tucking beneath the front of the bra giving the appearance that the woman is wearing a camisole or tank top when she really isn't. The faux camisole is ideal for girls who don't want to show too much cleavage and also for girls who don't want to have to deal with the bulk and extra layer of a tank or cami. In other words, the faux camisole is exactly what I want to use with this new blouse in the summer time to enable me to wear it over a black bra yet still maintain the modesty level that I desire.  The picture I have posted here of the black lacey faux cami is exactly what I had in mind tonight as I though it would be fun to shop for one.

I thought that Wal-Mart would be a fun place to look and so I dressed in a thin cotton tee with a white bra from Victoria's Secret underneath paired with my yellow layered skirt and set out to Wal-Mart to look for a faux cami or something that would work with this new blouse. It was quite late by the time that I left the house, and with a storm blowing in, it was super windy outside, but I didn't really have time to change my hair, and so I threw caution to and left the house with my hair long and straight parted slightly to one side.

I arrived at Wal-Mart in good time, and the store was relatively quiet, which will always put a cross dresser at ease. I could tell that things had been picked over from all of the back-to-school shoppers, so I was hoping that faux camisoles were not as high on everyone's list as notebooks and pencils. Since I've shopped en femme at this Wal-Mart countless times before, I knew exactly where to start in the lingerie section in my quest for a faux cami. There was actually a worker milling around the lingerie section as there usually is, and I was tempted to ask her if they carried faux camis, but I was worried she'd have no idea what I was talking about, and I didn't want to have to explain things in my voice, and so I started at the first aisle of bras and panties and began my meticulous search.

I wasn't having much luck in my quest for a faux cami, but fortunately I did have my cell phone with me, and so I was able to take a few selfies. I normally don't like the lighting in Wal-Mart for pictures, but for some reason, these particular selfies really turned out well and are some of the better ones I've ever taken. I only wish that I could take pictures this good at Victoria's Secret or even at the theater and not at Wal-Mart with their cheesy lingerie section as my backdrop. Oh well, I was having fun scouring every inch of the lingerie section and really didn't pay attention to anything else that was going on around me.

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